We’re excited about celebrating record stores on April 22
with the world’s largest single-day music event:

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This is going to be another one of my many different ongoing articles that I have as I slowly gain back all my website steam. I run an extensive operation here with ongoing articles in so many different directions, yet at the same time they all juxtapose into the same subject of REAL music.

Whether your personal choice is supporting music live or through your own collection of vinyl and CD’s, I cover every different avenue of a music world experience for you. As a collector of vinyl and CDs, one of my a favorite things that happen each year is Record Store Day.

I don’t know about any of you out there, but records were a BIG part of my youth, and collecting the ones I lost throughout my adult life has become my mid life crisis for sure. With all of the re issues coming out from places like Wal Mart ( which aren’t bad ), and colored vinyl, it ‘s super easy to wind up with many copies of the same title in any collection.

Record Store Day brings out the best of the best to all of the little local shops all across America, and my only regret is that I cannot hit them all in one day. I do a lot of traveling on that day and I do a lot of digging around in dollar bins for them. So with that being said, in this article I shall periodically visit back and include the RSD master list of titles to be released on this day.

“We’ve both worked in record stores, played our songs there, built our careers there. Record stores make it possible for recording artists to find their audience and their voice, and we couldn’t be more excited to help make 2023 the biggest and best Record Store Day yet.”

Look for more to come from
Record Store Day 2023 Ambassadors
Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires
as we get ready for the biggest party of the year
at a record store near you!

*What record did Amanda bring home from tour for Jason?
Watch the video and find out!

So this afternoon they announced that Mr. Jason Isbell and Miss Amanda Shires will be the 2023 Record Store Day ambassadors. This means that they will be offering all sorts of support for this nationwide event, in the forms of contests and merchandise offers leading up to this day.

Host Paul Myers talks with MARGO PRICE about her new album, STRAYS, and her memoir, MAYBE WE’LL MAKE IT on the latest episode of the Record Store Day Podcast. Listen, like and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, click the picture above or HERE

“Margo’s book hits you right in the gut — and the heart — just like her songs.”
–Willie Nelson

“Price’s fantastic fourth album, Strays, advances boldly into terrain occupied by such exalted US rock craftsmen as Jackson Browne and Tom Petty, with soulful vocal swagger, a widescreen band sound and a poetic lyrical depth that should leave most of her Nashville peers prostrate at her feet.”

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