I do not have to elaborate how much the Cookeville area means to me from a music fan standpoint. I mean, you have so many venues and places to see some terrific bands like Just a little east you have the Caverns. You have Jammin At Hippie Jack’s, Muddy Roots, and a little up north you have North Springs Music Festival. But right down the road from the Junebug Ranch where Muddy Roots is held, is another gorgeous venue heavily supporting many of the bands I adore.

A while ago, I wrote about the story of Waterloo Falls and how it came into fruition through Jason Galaz who along with a few others, made the first Muddy Roots possible. Many of the bands that have played Muddy Roots have helped turn me onto millions of other bands, and so on and so forth.

I wanted to make it a point to share this with you, since I missed their spring camping festival. I understand there were quite a few people that I wanted to meet were there. I did get to go see IV And The Strange Band and the G Damn Gallows there, and I had a wonderful time. I understand they are constantly making improvements on the venue making it offer more ways to enjoy your weekend.

There are some shows announced in June, and I wanted to wait until now and help them out. So I honestly do not believe I have to elaborate on these artists much, in regards to who they are to you so I? Well yeah, I can probably tell you about Noble Hobo because I have never featured him before.

He released a self titled album in 2023, with seven songs of a one man band time ambiance with songs that over pretty much every topic, but as a guy who hunts and takes only does to eat, one of the songs called “Chop Wood Carry Water” spoke to me inside. It painted a very vivid image of what kind of shit some of society has become now.


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