Here it all is folks my yearly ever popular list ( which is updated weekly ) of music festivals both independent and corporate ones with an independent bill. I also have included Bluegrass festivals form all over the United States, and Roots Music festivals as well.

I spend a considerable amount of time researching and finding more festivals to my yearly list each year, and I include all the links for you to get all of the info you will need to support whichever festival you choose.

One of the best ways I have found to find new bands, and new friends that eventually treat you like family is to attend outdoor festivals. Many of these festivals have not taken place in 2 years, and some of these are new, but overall I will provide links to their website as well as my articles I write on their behalf.

This year was a really hard one on my personal life, and I did not get the opportunity to attend as many festivals as I usually do. However this year I shall be attending a few in the fall, and Labor Day weekend will be my first one called the Earl Scruggs Music Festival in North Carolina. I’ll have more information on this one later.

Also coming up is the North Springs Music Festival, which is also coming up in the next few days in it’s own separate article. I heavily support this one for being a complete DIY and locally owned and run festival. I attended last year’s festival and you can read about that one HERE. Also, if you would like to read about ALL OF THE festivals that we cover you can read about them all HERE.

All dates below are for 2022

Windy City Smokeout – August 4th – 7th
Hinterland – August 4th – 7th
Pickathon – August 4th – 7th
Kokefest – August 5th – 6th
Podunk Bluegrass Festival – August 11th – 14th
Braun Brothers Reunion – August 11th – 13th
The Neon Nights Countryfest – August 12th – 13th
Symco Hot Rod Weekend – August 11th – 13th
Rocky Mountain Folks Fest – August 12th -14th
Hoxeyville – August 19th – 21st
Grassfire Music Festival – August 19th – 22nd
Whimmydiddle – August 19th – 20th
Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival – August 18th – 21st
River City Roots Festival – August 26th – 27th
Fayetteville Roots Music Festival – August 25th – 27th
Kaw River Roots – August 26th – 27th
River City Roots Festival – August 26th – 27th
Sacred Rose Music Festival – August 26th – 28th
Hot Rod Rock And Rumble – August 26th – 28th
Earl Scruggs Music Festival – Sept 2nd – 4th
Muddy Roots – Sept 1st – 5th
Nelsonville – Sept 2nd – 4th
Caveman Music Festival – Sept 2nd – 4th
Bristol Rhythm And Roots – Sept 9th – 11th
Diamond Stone Music Festival – Sept 8th – 11th
Festival Of The Horse – Sept – 9th – 11th
Americanafest – Sept 13th – 17th
Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival – Sept – 14th – 18th
Pickin’ In The Pines – Sept 16th – 18th
Freshgrass North Adams – Sept 23rd – 25th
Foxfire Music And Arts Festival – Sept 23rd – 24th
The New England Shake Up – Sept  23rd – 25th
Whispering Beard – Sept 23rd – 24th
Vine Grove Bluegrass Festival – Sept – 21st – 24th
Firewater – Sept 29th – October 1st
Mempho Music Festival – Sept 30th – October 2nd
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass – October 1st – 3rd
Sound On Sound – Sept 24th and 25th
River Stomp Bluegrass Festival – October 8th and 9th
Moonshiners Ball – October 6th – 9th
Austin City Limits Music Festival – October 7th – 9th and 14th – 16th
The Ramble Festival – October 7th – 9th
Conroe Catfish Festival – October – 14th – 16th
Austin String Band Fest – October 14th – 16th
ACL Fest ( Austin City limits ) – October 7th – 9th 14th – 16th
River Stomp Bluegrass – October 8th – 9th
North Springs Music Festival – October 15th
Bluegrass Island – October 20th – 22nd
Hangtown Halloween Festival – October 20th – 23rd
Cartersville Bluegrass And Roots – October 19th only.
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass – September 30th – October 2nd
Orange Blossom Revue – December 2nd – 3rd



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