Were down here at one of my favorite venues in Nashville called Third And Lindsey for the weekly residence of the Time Jumpers. The ever changing band that has indeed had quite an eclectic list of past members. . We really came down to listen to Mr. Paul Franklin on steel. He recently recorded another stellar album with Vince Gill that I have not yet had the opportunity to fully check out..HERE. And of course you have Ranger Doug from Riders In The Sky, who have a forthcoming album called “Throw A Saddle On A Star”.

The band itself now consists of Brad Albin on upright bass, Larry Franklin is on one of the twin fiddles along with Kenny Sears (also vocals). Now there is also a third fiddle player Joe Spivey. On guitar you have Andy Reiss and on lead vocals you have Wendy Moten.

She got up front and sang the classic song “All Of Me”, in her own style yet remaining to the classic sound. Their show highlights so many different styles of music that one could not possibly classify this band as one genre. Her vocals compliment this band quite nicely, and her influences show clearly through her vocal delivery all through the show.

You have songs with wonderful steel guitar intros like the song “All Aboard’ that begin on open chords but then go all over the musical spectrum. If any of you dig that old time format like a song starting with twin fiddle double stops, then this is the band for you!

They have a weekly dinner show at this venue, that draws in a long line of tourists because they actually do have some terrific food before the show. So when I get around to telling you my friends about the rest of the shows I went to this year, you will see just how vibrant Nashville REALLY IS! More articles on this topic coming SOON!

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