It has indeed been a while since I spent time at a show, and it sure was good to be around friends again, and get to enjoy classic songs like ” Seven Devils” and their ever popular song “Pass Me The Bottle”. If you’re not familiar with this band, you know I couldn’t explain them or put them in a’s just music I love. It’s just good old fashioned gutter grass punk stuff with uplifting lyrics…HA!

Well, your favorite blogging news and history nerd is back! I had to step away for some time to take care of some personal issues, and I completed my tasks. I can plan my future and my retirement ( I think I will work maybe 5 more years ) and now I can plan all my future music work, and how this website will grow as I do.

If you have not heard of the story of how Waterloo Falls came to be, I once wrote a Piece on it’s creation and you can read that HERE. After doing all of the work on creating such a nice venue, they began having shows up there, to kind of tide us over until it’s time for Muddy Roots. Now, I am going to take the opportunity to talk about both places.


I recently took a ride down there to see the GodDamn Gallows and IV And The Strange Band, and I apologize it has taken me so long to make this article, but family duties overcame writing my blog. Now NOTHING is going to get in my way now. So now let’s talk about how gorgeous the venue is, there is plenty of room to put up tents and sleep in cars in quiet areas. The pavilion and stage are all a pretty hardwood, and they cover part of it so the wind cannot ruin the show.

There was a person selling drinks and food if I remember correctly and I had a very fun time there, and it was a huge pleasure to catch up with these four rascals, Fishgutzz, Mikey Classic, Jayke Orvis and Uriah ( Baby Genius) as they go into some new material with songs like “Let’s Join A Cult” and a few more. True, their last album was “The Maker” several years ago, they remain one of the hardest touring bands on the local market.



This band has had many lineup changes and I have been a big fan of theirs for a large portion of my life now, and songs like “Down With The Ship” which is one of their newer ones will always be enjoyed in my music collection. Another two songs of theirs I like are “Copper King” and “Howli’n Wind”. They play them on their sets on different times, to be honest I’m not exactly sure if they played them that night or not.

I’m going to be talking about this band more in the near future as Joshua and I attend and cover the almighty Muddy Roots Music Festival, which is right down the road from this venue. The other band that was on this bill is another Muddy family band, none other than IV And The Strange Band. In the last year or so, Coleman Williams and his band have been blazing a trail through the local music venues across America.


One of my favorite songs from his debut album is called “Inbred”, and you can read more about the story behind the song on other articles I have previously wrote about him. I plan to catch up with him in the next few months to check for any new music or news. More of his songs were the staple ones on his set, however he did a new cover of “Busted”, wrote by Harlan Howard.

I really enjoy his live shows and his spin on Country Music, along with so many genres twisted into one song. He puts an awful lot of soul and energy into his music, so be ready for one hell of a show when you go see him live.


Waterloo Falls is having another show that I wanted to tell you about is in July, and it involves none other than Left Lane Cruiser and Black Venus. Now, this show here is a very special one, because it will celebrate the return of Gary Acquaro of Black Venus. Many of you know that he is currently battling blood cancer, and this show is being used as a benefit to help cover his health care costs.

You can purchase tickets for this event by going HERE

The world of music many times does not offer health insurance and it can be extremely difficult when health issues come around to haunt us, let alone the word nobody wants to hear. I’m going to admit, I don’t know as much about this band as I do most, but it is my duty to bring this important issue to light. So I sat back and studied their music!

Left Lane

It’s time once again for me to start writing articles and talking about Muddy Roots on Labor Day Weekend! This is one of the many festivals we cover that means a lot to me, and the only one that I have attended every year. I have covered more bands in that field than any place music is played in America.

I will not be revealing as much info on here than on the many upcoming articles that I have planned for Muddy Roots, but I’m going to tell you that it is one hell of a lineup. Granted, some of the bands I feature on here aren’t Country…but…I don’t care. In fact, I pretty much tell people that don’t like it go read some other media page.


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