I just came in off of a week long music vacation with my partner in crime, my right arm, and one of the many people whom make this website possible Mr. Joshua Wallace. We attended a large number of shows in a one week period, and I am going to be producing several articles about our week of shows. Joshua’s alter ego “JW” hosts a podcast I think you will enjoy Pycho Rambiln Country, which will also feature some of this music.

One of the many places we spent a LOT of time at was Roberts Western World and AJ’s Good Times bar. We both really do like to come down here and drink cokes all day and save that drinking money for the tip jars, I also like to visit the Hall Of Fame store for some merchandise when I’m down here. Every time that the two of us get together down here, we focus on spending afternoons on Broadway.

If you enjoy the nineties era Country Music like Joe Diffie and Aaron Tippin that is indeed a bar you need to visit. We actually stayed there for several hours one of the nights.OK, so here’s the deal people…. When I tell people my company and I often like to go downtown to the Broadway district to enjoy Honky Tonk Country before a Ryman or a Bridgestone Arena show, I automatically get that ever popular verbal ass kicking about pop country and blah blah blah…..look,I get it. Corporate Nashville does indeed suck. Modern Country has gone to complete shit. They’re taking away precious history and iconic venues. But if we don’t hold onto and support what we DO HAVE NOW that too will also be taken away.

When Mr. Chris Scruggs isn’t on the road with MR. Marty Stuart And His Fabulous Superlatives, youll find him down on Broadway playing or in the studio. But when you get the chance to see him playing with nay of the many bands down here that ARE Country…..it’s amazing.

I am one of those crazy individuals that is infatuated with old photos and memorabilia from the Classic Eras of Country Music as a whole. I enjoy delving into as much of the history of each individual piece. As many different blows that Country Music has been dealt (like the loss of the Ernest Tubb Record Shop) there are still quite a few good options to witness Country Music here before a Ryman show, which I am here for.

I mean, right now I am listening to this gal Miss Sarah Gayle Meech, who has new music coming out his next spring. This will be her third independently released studio album, and we heavily featured them on here in the past. There are so many wonderful musicians that spend their off days playing downtown just for the fun of it, and some quick tip money.


Not only does she sing those classic Country songs prettier than anyone else, she has so many talented musicians with her ( and so many others do the same ). Legendary drummers, steel guitarists and fiddle players adorn the stages all over town, and play with the artists I feature on here, like Mr. Tommy Hannam who appears here playing with Sarah Gayle Meech.


I am down here for the final Reckless Kelly show, that’s right folks, they have announced their retirement and their final show here in Nashville tonight. I’m going to do a completely separate article for that on here, as sort of a continuation of today.

Another damn fine example of why it does NOT SUCK down here is none other than Joshua Hedley who also released some super fine albums in the past many years. Every time we come to town we always make sure we get to see him play.

This is one of Nashville’s best (and most overlooked) local talents none other than Mr. Joshua Hedley. Whether he is with another band or he is solo it is always an absolute HOOT to see him play. I’m telling you what, if you LOVE Traditional Country Music like I do it CAN BE FOUND down here, if you bother to look for any of it. You can come down here any night of any week and find some beyond awesome Country Music in the Nashville area.

Joshua Hedley and Brazilbilly have taken the stage here now, and I’m excited to be able to hear some twin fiddle double stops and some damn fine guitar work. They’re playing some beloved classic hits like “Walking The Dog” by Lefty and the Buck Owens hit “Excuse Me I Think I’ve Got A Heartache”.

We actually got to hear this fiddle player do “Orange Blossom Special twice, because we stayed so long at Roberts, with two totally different sets. But yet both sets were surrounded by the same fine talent. There is never a cover charge for the bars downtown, they just simply ask for tips. Now allow me to tell you who exactly this man was that played it TWICE, it was none other than Paul Kramer!

I mean, if I wrote on here the entire list of artists he has played with, this article would be long. But if you are a fan of 90’s Country like I am, this man contributed to 60 percent of it live. He recreated so many Classic songs from the studio album to the live stage, through many instruments.


Another one of the fine venues around town I like to go to is none other than 3rd And Lindsley, where this weekly band plays for tourists and regulars locals alike called The Time Jumpers. You want to talk about talent? This BAND is a jam packed hour and a half of Western Swing and Country Music played by some of the finest musicians local Nashville has to offer.

Ranger Doug from Riders In The Sky plays in this band along with Paul Franklin on steel guitar. Now all of you know whom Paul Franklin is, and what he has contributed to Country Music as a whole. Right now, he is currently promoting his album he recently released with Vince Gill. watching all of these fine people play and sing is well worth the 20 dollar door fee.

The Time Jumpers include Brad Albin, Larry Franklin, Paul Franklin, Wendy Moten, Andy Reiss, Kenny Sears, Joe Spivey, Jeff Taylor, Billy Thomas. Each of these people are beyond talented in their own right, and I am currently working on their own separate article HERE.

There are more venues around that feature daily, good Country Music like Dee’s Cocktail Lounge, where they also stream their shows on Youtube like other venues are now doing. You also have American Legion Post 82, which hosts “Honky Tonk Tuesday Nights”. There, you will be turned onto some damn fine music as well….look everybody..I have a TON of content coming!

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