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So if you are a Nashville songwriter like me or just a fan of songwriters or publisher you have been to or played the Commodore Lounge with either Debi Champion or Rick Stewart hosting the open Mic night. I have literally saw hundreds of songwriters and songwriting legends play here. Everyone form Jimmy Payne to Stan Webb in my years of paying dues in this town, hell I’m STILL paying my dues for sure.
This past year the whole hotel has been under renovation to better serve us with more hospitable luxuries.
This from their official website:

Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt is currently undergoing a massive renovation process! Upon our February 3rd completion date, our location will feature a newly remodeled front desk, doorway entrance and coffee bar, as well as renovated guestrooms, flooring and facilities throughout. Directional signs will be posted along the 1st and 2nd floor interiors, and additional assistance will be provided by our “Singing Consigliere”, Mr. Tommy Turner!
Certain renovations are scheduled to be completed by the end of December. Our tentative completion date is February 3rd. We appreciate your cooperation and patience at this time. Thank you all!

The hotel and Commodore Lounge are BOTH open for business the entire time the construction are underway. And both open mic hosts are releasing normal scheduled rounds of GREAT talent and GOOD food. I need to go back soon and have me a burger and watch some great talented songs being shared.

I have literally thousands of storied about this stage and many memories of playing shows there.
I cut my teeth here like you probably did and it remains one of Nashville’s premiere places
to showcase your original songs.

Jan 182015


Well folks last night I had a unusual experience at my other job and because of Monday being a holidayI ended up with my turn of weekend work off. So as usual I got behind my keyboard for a little bit…BUT..I decided on a whim to travel to Lexington Kentucky to Cosmic Charlie’s which was a nice venue.

I’m not sure about the food my readers because of the tight schedule I had I ate on the road and I made the show in time. The only complaint I had was I had extreme trouble connecting to their WiFi, but I used my trusty pen and paper so It’s OK. No reason why I would never go back. In fact it was a spacious and well staffed place to see a show, not much in the way of parking but I’m sure it was just due to my not knowing where I could.
That place was pack jammed and I thought they did a good job of keeping the place clean.One other thing that is not their fault it was incredibly LOUD in there, and I don’t mean the music..during the first two acts there was an abundance of talking and it made it hard for me to hear the acoustic acts.


There were quite a few reasons why I went up there last night, and THIS young man was one of them. This is Tyler Childers. I first heard of him from W.B.Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show podcast. And during his one year anniversary show I heard all I needed to put him in my crosshairs for coverage. This young man has an incredible way of delivering his lyrics. I cannot describe how unique his voice is other than this: you know how you hear older music lovers say nowadays you cannot tell one singer from another? You cannot identify many singers from other singer..well..this man indeed has a style all his own. The very first time I ever heard him open his mouth the feelings and imagery came out flowing with simplicity and influence in mountain life. You can tell where he came from and I featured him on the article I wrote for the one year anniversary show. And I drove three hours to see him live and this is my accounts of what I saw.

He opened his set with my personal favorite song he does called “Rock Salt And Nails”, which is actually a Utah Phillips song originally. He does such a great job with the first two lines it just grabs you like a bear trap and makes you want more. He then proceeded into playing “Nose To The Grindstone” which has a really good tag line of mind off the pills.

Another good song he played was called “I got stoned and I missed it”..that’s one I have never heard him play before. It was followed by “Charleston Girl” and one called “Wandering Boy” all of which were good songs but in my opinion he opened with his best weapons in his arsenal. He did play a few covers like the ever popular Kristofferson tune “Help Me Make It Through The Night” from his 1970 self titled album.

“Highland Road” was another good song that I really enjoyed as well as “Dead Man’s Curve”. He then played a new song and honestly I didn’t catch the name of that one..I’ll be honest. It was indeed very loud in the bar area. ‘Follow You To Virgie” was played next and then he followed up with a cover of a John Prine song that is popular called “Muhlenberg County”.

“if The Whiskey Could Talk” is a well written song he does and I like the way he delivers this song as well. He had a really damn fine set and choose some good songs, and played “White House Road” too. He was called up for an encore and he played the 1974 release of “Trudy” made popular by Charlie Daniels and you can find it on his ‘Fire On The Mountain” album.

Then I went to the merchandise booth and met Mr. Josh Green who works for Joshua Morningstar and we got to talking and realized we had him in common as a close friend. I must admit I spent A LOT at the shopping table last night for reason I will disclose here shortly, but I came home with a SACK full of stuff. Jeff Shepherd was next and honestly I want to save him for a later date because he needs to be featured in a more thorough manner. I want to delve into him more so please bear with me on this call here.

Now then this article will kill more birds with one stone because I want to tell you of an announcement maderecently by frontman Justin Wells from Fifth On The Floor. The band will be playing some last dates with Matt Woodsand then disbanding. So in a nutshell folks this is it, and let me tell you what..last night they said farewell in a fashion ONLY Fifth On The Floor could do. Now Matt Woods is currently on tour with Rachel Kate…you remember my article on that? Well I was going to write one about THEIR tour dates too and I just decided to inform you about all of it in one big article.

The place was literally jammed with people and my first observation was how immense the crowd support was for a band playing all original songs. VERY impressive to say the least and I was happy to see it because I have loved this band for a long time. I’m very distraught to see them go and I hope the brand comes back.

They opened to a roaring wild audience with “January In Louisiana”. They play like a machine very fast paced and when they slow down for one of them beautiful steel guitar songs…man oh man. I’ll be honest I was still trying to connect to my internet so I missed some of the song titles. They played “Shine” on me, which got people up and dancing over where I was sitting and the crowd indeed loves this band.


They continued with “Burn Nashville Down” off of their album “Ashes And Angels” which Shooter Jennings produced and released on his own label BCR. They played a few of them good ol’ steel guitar songs and one of them was “One Big Holiday”. I am really going to miss these guys for sure and I hope in the future sometime they stay.

Off their album “The Color Of Whiskey” which is hard to find now, they played “Running Ragged”. after a few more songs they played MY PERSONAL FAVORITE..one I often just put on repeat at home and that is “Angels In The Snow”..it’s just a really pretty song with an awesome melody.

They closed with “Distant Memory Lane” and were called upon for an encore which was “the Fall”. Folks I’ll be honest Mr. Justin and his band puts their heart into the music no matter what lineup was there it was always top notch. They have burned up roads and played a lot of shows for 8 and a half years. If you get the chance go see them and support them as they say farewell..this is it folks let’s show them our thanks. Here are the dates with Matt Woods.


Jan 182015


Last night I took a little trip to Lexington Kentucky to cover some bands which I am also writing about and I frequently check my Hee Haw message boards. I learned that the Cornfield County gang has lost another Legend as Charlie Farquharson (AKA Don Harron) has died at 90 at his home in Canada.
He died surrounded by family and denied treatment for his cancer per his own wishes and his daughter informed the world that even though his voice was just above a whisper he died telling jokes.

He was born Sept 19th 1924 and spent his entire childhood performing and telling made up stories and gainedattention through skits and plays. He appeared in many TV shows and movies but is most notably regarded as a television icon for his role within “Hee Haw” which was and still is the longest running comedy prime time show in history. Don Herron was the newscaster for 18 years of the show’s length and performed the role again for “Country’s
Family Reunion” Hee Haw Edition. It was also George “Goober” Lindsey’s last performance.

In 1952 on a show called “The Big Review” Charlie gave his first news report and the role was never changed nor was the costume. Charlie wore a red oversized sweater and grey frayed flatop cap and usually always had a beard and glasses. His laugh is truthfully patented and recorded for prosperity at the Smithsonian Institute and is legally not allowed to be copied.Only once was it ever copied and it was actually in respect toward him and that was during the “Revenge Of The Nerds” movies.

His character is a rural Ontario farmer from nearby Perry Sound and his wife’s name was Valeda. They had one son named Orville and Charlie often talked about his antics in school. He often gave his opinion about local matters and political matters and misunderstood city people. He also wrote several books explaining everything from doing laundry to plowing and included many pictures.