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New Daryle Singletary Album Contains Unheard Johnny Paycheck Duet.


Yep folks you heard that correct and when I found out about this I am excited about this project. If you never heard of Daryle Singletary you haven’t heard Country Music for anything.He’s been around for years and he has never strayed away from his Traditional sound ever..period.
He isn’t in the mainstream and you don’t see or hear him complaining about that. You only hear him putting out more music and he never fails to hold dear to our heros.

So in March of this year he will release “There’s Still A Little Country Left” on AGR Television Records. And this new album has ONE HELL of a reason to go pre order it NOW. About three or four years ago Johnny Paycheck’s manager and producer Dan Mitchell was going through his attic and found some old versions of John singing remakes of his classic songs in 1992. This new album will feature Daryl singing a DUET with Johnny Paycheck taken from the pieces of a remake. This version I understand is unheard of by the public and his piece was recorded at Burns Sound Studio right before he began to get seriously sick.
Daryl took the unheard pieces and combined them with his own vocals and together they do a duet of “I’m The Only Hell My Momma Ever Raised”.And it will be available as a bonus track on the new international version.

He says this on his website:
says of the new project, “This is the PERFECT traditional country record in every way. I have been blessed with co-writing a lot of the songs on this project with some GREAT hit songwriters and had an awesome time recording with the greatest world class musicians Nashville has to offer. I hope this will be a great record for traditional country music fans to add to their collection.”

Enough To Lie To Me
Get Outta My Country
I Wanna Be That Feeling
Say Hello To Heaven
Spilled Whiskey
Sunday Morning Kinda Town
There’s Still A Little Country Left
Things Are So Much Different
Too Late To Save The World

So there you have it folks, when I learned of this collaboration I became VERY excited and I will certainly be pre ordering this album. I’ll tell you what I have been to several of his shows and he always does a damn fine job with his music. You just do not get any more Country than him…you don’t.

News From The Duck Creek Folks: Valentine’s Day Jam.


So are YOU single like me? Are you having NO PLANS for Valentine’s Day (Not like me)?
Well then I got the news for you, Hey don’t I always bring some great news to the table?
Well I’m writing a few articles here at once and one I’m writing is for The Yonder Mountain String Band because they are coming to my area. But here’s some news about a former member that will be playing Feb 14th in the Columbus Ohio area.

Jeff Austin will be headlining an Ohio event that is brought to you by Duck Creek Log Jam. Folks I been watching this organization for some time now and I’ll be writing an article for them on my festival series SOON. I cannot make the Log Jam this year because I’ll be in Wisconsin tending to other business but they ARE ON my radar and I’ll be there…perhaps in 2016.

He is one of the founding members of The Yonder Mountain String Band and released a slew of albums with them since 1999. He left the band in 2014 citing creative differences and the split was acknowledged by both parties. This mandolin Wizard has recently released a solo album called “The Simple Truth” on Yep Roc Records. I’m understanding this album features Cody Dickinson From North Mississippi All Stars as well..I’m interested.

Another band I been checking out quite a bit lately are these boys The Hocking River String Band. Their new album called “Red Tailed Hawk Squawk” is quite impressiveand It’s on my “to purchase” list. They have two albums out now and their other one is called “Down River”. They have not been around as long as many bands but I like their sound.They are a very good band and you can trust my judgement on this one.

The Park Street Saloon in Columbus Ohio is where YOU need to be for great music on Valentine’s Day if you live in the Ohio area. And tell them I sent you.