We’re hosting a virtual Spotlight Showcase at Folk Unlocked this year. Will we see you there? We’ve partnered with our friends at Folk Alliance International to bring online attendees a one-of-a-kind showcase, AMERICANAFEST style.

Catch AHI, Mary Gauthier, Arlo McKinley, Lauren Morrow, William Prince and Allison Russell on Wednesday, February 24 @ 5:30pm CST.

Folk Unlocked has a pay-what-you-want pass structure, so you can attend our virtual showcase for whatever you’re willing to contribute.

Register for Folk Unlocked
While you’re logged in, stop by our exhibitors booth and see us! We’ll be talking about our association and how we advocate for American roots music around the world. Feel free to swing by and say hi in the morning or afternoon during exhibitor hours.

I have spent the last few days snowed into my house, my other job has been closed all week due to the bad weather, so I opted to spend all week getting caught up with my beloved website.

With so many festivals canceling and so many still plan to go on ( but may cancel ), I have my work cut out for me! Ultimately, I cover over 275 festivals and more venues than I can name. Keeping track of all this at the center of the keyboard aspect of things……is me.

On this article I wanted to bring to your attention this special offer from Folk Alliance International and AmericanaFest called Folk Unlocked. This whole setup looks sort of like the past AmericanaFest, and the way they had some of the panels set up.

The FAI is hosting this Folk Unlocked in lieu of an actual conference this year, and has amassed a huge list of members of the international folk community. They will offer many different panels, workshops, showcases and other bells and whistles.

I think that given the circumstances of what is transpiring in today’s current society, and the way that technology has helped to improve this society..it also has let it down. It has turned us into a very impersonal society, many do not have any sense of how to conduct an actual conversation or interact among one another.

However on the other side of the coin here, is there is a lot to be learned on these panels and workshops. They call it a year for innovation and creativity, and like all other music communities they both welcome and fear technology. Here is a good example from their website:

“We hope to push the boundaries of what our community can achieve with technology and though this means not every aspect of our typical annual conference will be able to exist in this format, we are excited for this opportunity to initiate a new way of connection “.

Now, even though the continue to announce the 21st annual AmericanaFest as being on September 21 – 26th 2021, they too have created the “Thriving Roots” online mini festival. For a set price you can purchase “packages” or levels of access, and save the videos for later.

In an ordinary year, the annual AmericanaFest is an event that greatly benefits people like me, as it gives me unlimited amounts of industry connections. But to be honest I go there on scouting missions for new bands to put on here. I have an ear to the ground at these functions, to meet new connections.

The only thing I hate about AmericanaFest is driving all over the city in such a short time..in that heat!  Yeah many of the venues are close together, but parking is often rough, and the shuttle bus is often overloaded.

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