Many of our album reviews around here are not done by me, in fact Mr. Joshua Wallace does mostly all over our album review work. But once in awhile I  get a a hold of some good album, like this Red Dirt gem right here, that I was turned onto by my friends over at
Texas Music Pickers. Folks this fine young man is none other than Mr.Triston Marez. I’m working on a TON of festivals from many genres here tonight, and I think this man right here will fit right into many of the Texas music festivals like Larry Joe Taylor Festival, more on that bustling festival tonight on this website.

This album opened with a really well written song which is the title track of the album called “That Was All Me”, this was a damn good rabble rousing Honky Tonk song complete with good steel guitar licks that push this song up and down really well. I like the down slide in tempo of this song near the chorus. The song itself has a wonderful hook, that caught my attention right off the bat.

He possesses his own style, while maintaining relevance to other Texas Music performers. He sure could fit right in with many other guys and gals in this community. I enjoyed the ambiance of the song “Reservations For Two”, it paints a really good picture. Many of those “girl guy dirt road songs on a tailgate” are yawners….but not this one. The sincerity of Mr. Triston makes this song believable, like HE BELONGS singing these lyrics.

The best song on this entire album BY FAR is the slow song called “Where Rivers Are Red And Cowboys Are Blue” is absolutely amazing on all fronts. This song could have been given to someone like George Strait, and could be a hit, but his vocals make this song one of the best I have listened to all year. It has longing for a lost love, it has hope, and it has a damn good hook, and it has three chords and the truth. More album need to follow his formula!

That Was All Me

  1.  That Was All Me
  2. Reservations for Two
  3. Dizzy
  4. Where Rivers Are Red and Cowboys Are Blue
  5. Here’s to the Weekend

Guitars/Fiddle:  Jon Conley
Steel: Rusty Danmyer
Tim Denbo: Bass
Drums: Dave Racine
Keys: David Dorn
Produced By: David Dorn/Alex Torrez

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