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Well folks It’s time to talk to you about the Duck Creek Log Jam in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio. Folks I’ll be honest this festival is for the good old hardcore campers for the fact that it has no showers. To be honest my personal needs require me to stay in hotel rooms and I get some great deals when I feature them on here. Most festivals have really close hotel accommodations available and as always I am adding info to these articles ALL THE TIME! We’ll check into adding some hotel locations to this festival.

I usually print this on EVERY festival I cover on this…you are permitted to bring your own adult beverages but PLEASE don’t be ugly to others. THAT’S the number one rule to ANY music event. You know another big thing that bothered me last year was witnessing the destruction of the campground property. IF YOU see anyone defacing the nature or harassing wildlife or defacing the property PLEASE tell Mr. Kyle or the staff. We have to buy merch and support these people with our wallets and our hearts, our voices can and will be heard better if we are respectful of the business. Only then can we witness the growth of Roots Music or any kind for that matter.

This festival takes place Memorial Day Weekend May 22-24 in Ohio’s Hocking Hills area which is one of the most gorgeous places in the state. I have been in the area and in the near future I fully plan to come up and help this festival grow. We ALL have that ability just by going and when you do let the director know how much they are appreciated. They need to be informed your likes and dislikes on order to become great and if you do it in a positive manner NO director would be upset with your dislikes.

The Duck Creek Log Jam is held at the Duck Creek Camping and Outdoor Events Area. Located directly adjacent to Lake Logan State Park, Duck Creek is nearly 100 acres of beautiful landscape in the Hocking Hills. Diverse stands of trees, including our bald cypress grove, abundant wildlife, and secluded feel make Duck Creek the perfect setting for any outdoor event. This festival is outdoors rain or shine and has three stages, a main stage and two smaller stages. It has a Pine Grove Stage and a Cabin Porch Stage. It also has smaller little stages that encourage impulse performances. Now WHO will be on those three stages you ask?

Whiskey Shivers
The Howlin Brothers
Sol Driven Train
The Hocking River String Band
Buffalo Wabs And The Prince Hill Hustle
Caol Town Rounders
The Great Wide Open
Bibs And Barefeet
Bicentenial Bear
Honey And Houston

Now folks there will be more bands announced in the future and we’ll keep an eye out for any additions.Like all festivals as they announce more the ticket price goes up. There is a ten dollar parking fee per vehicle not included in the ticket price and there are vendors with ice and food but NO adult beverages sold on site…also
No glass bottles are permitted. Cans only.
No pets.
Swimming is permitted during daylight hours only and in designated areas. No night swimming.
Unauthorized sale of food or alcohol is prohibited.
No unauthorized vending.
No fireworks.
No weapons or knives.
No illegal drugs or controlled substances. If you need a nitrous tank and the guy with the backpack to have a good time, this festival is not for you.
No golf carts, ATVs or other motorized vehicles.
All coolers, vehicles, tents and persons are subject to search while on the premises.

To buy tickets you can click right HERE and folks for 125
that’s a GREAT deal for three days of music in the gorgeous area of Hocking Hills!


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