I was both surprised and very happy when I heard back from him and Brent Cobb wanted to do ‘5 Shots’. I enjoyed talking to him and am proud to be able to bring you this 1 on 1 exclusive interview.

Round 1: I know you have done many music collaborations, can you tell us about some of your favorites so far and also maybe some that you would love to do in the future?

So far, my favorite has been with Miranda Lambert on a song she, Adam Hood and I wrote for her called “The Good Ol Days”. I sang the harmony with her on her track recorded for the Southern Family album.

Round 2: I have been wearing out ‘Shine on Rainy Day’ ever since it was released, it is one of the favorites in my collection. Is there any news on when we might expect a new album from you?

First, thanks so much. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that my music means something to you. Yes, top of 2018 there will be a new album. But even before that there will be a song released in September as a precursor to the record.

Round 3: Do you prefer acoustic shows or full band shows & why?

I like all shows for different reasons. Acoustic because I get to tell longer stories and really be loose and personal. Full band because I love playing music with my best friends.

Round 4: As a musician you travel all over the World, can you tell us about some of your favorite places that you have been & your favorite venues to play?

Not to give a short answer purposely, I really just enjoy playing music wherever anyone will have me. After touring for 10yrs playing shows to mostly no one, it’s really nice to have people willing to listen.

Round 5: This is a question that I ask everyone, what is your favorite thing to do outside of the music World?

I love being home with my family. My favorite thing is to have something on the smoker in the evening cooking for supper while my wife and daughter and I hang out in the yard watching the world go by.

Last Call open message to your fans…

Thanks everyone for caring enough to have me be a part of this. Hope to see you somewhere down the road.

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