Paulette Carlson

NASHVILLE, TN. – (November 1, 2021) – Paulette Carlson (best known for being part of the legendary band Highway 101) has released, “Branded Soul,” on CDX Records. The song was written by Paulette Carlson, produced and mixed by Mark Capps and recorded at Soundstage Studios. Studio musicians include some of Nashville’s biggest and well-known players including Eddie Bayers on drums, Mike Brignardello playing bass guitar, Michael Rojas on Keys, Chris Leuzinger adding electric guitar and Michael Spriggs on acoustic guitar. The new release, “Branded Soul” is being distributed to radio via CDX Nashville and is available worldwide for streaming and downloading through CDX Record’s relationship with The Orchard on all digital music platforms at brandedsoul.

Joe Kelly, President of CDX Records stated, “When you hear this new single, you immediately recognize Paulette’s unmistakable vocals. Paulette is preparing to hit the road for a 2022 tour and while crossing the country will be visiting her friends at country radio. CDX Records will be there every step of the way.”

Paulette Carlson  shared, “I like to call this song Montana Americana because Montana remains a beautiful bastion of outlaw country, remnants of a culture idolized and sorely missed by America’s free spirits. This Montana Americana song, “Branded Soul,” will bring out the free spirit in all of us. ”

“The fire’s in the sky, he devil’s in his eyes
He’s ridin’ on the flames that we see rising
His horse is on the run, hell has come
He names the time and place for his vengeance
No way to stop the brand from burnin’
Stop the hurt from hurtin’
Stop the wheel from turnin’, oh oh no
He’s got a branded soul    he’s got a branded soul…”

When the production crews and actors came to her hometown of Darby, Montana to film the TV series “Yellowstone,” there was an amazing symbiosis that occurred between Darby and the Yellowstone employees. The diversity and sheer numbers of the Yellowstone production staff sparked parties and events on a larger scale than what the town had been used to. The town of Darby, with its magnificent vistas and the rugged lifestyle of its inhabitants, imbued that signature frontier culture into the film crew and the series itself. Paulette witnessed this and decided to write her song, “Branded Soul,” to encapsulate that experience in song. The magic of this song lies within her weave of western American thematic material and the powerful rawness of her voice, the two aspects constantly playing, and building off one another.

About Paulette Carlson:
Paulette Carlson, the creator of the legendary Band Highway 101, started out in life as the precocious daughter of a farming family from the northern Midwest state of Minnesota. At the age of five, the folks already knew that she was going to be something in the entertainment world. Paulette always marched to a different drum, dancing and singing for the town folks at every opportunity she had. Famous in a small town was not enough and at eighteen she was performing in a club band, writing music, and playing her guitar. Ten years of working night after night in the clubs only sharpened her desire to go out into the world and do more. She moved to Nashville and eventually put together the Band Highway 101. Within eighteen months she and the band were at the top of the charts and accepting the highest awards the country music community could offer.  Top group of the year awards for two years in a row from the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association pretty much confirmed that Paulette was a legend maker.

About CDX Records:
CDX Records is a boutique imprint for unique custom projects.  CDX Records offers label services and distribution for artists and projects that are thoroughly vetted by our A&R Department. Founder of CDX Records, Joe Kelly, is an industry veteran whose wealth of industry experience, knowledge, and connections serve as the foundation of which our talented and dedicated team continues to build upon.  CDX Records’ music is distributed globally through The Orchard.

About CDX Nashville:
CDX Nashville, the parent company of CDX Records, is a staple in country music radio, serving hundreds of artists every year.  While CDX Nashville’s core business is pushing their client’s music to radio, playlist curators and other media, they formed CDX Records as a service to clients who needed a way to distribute their music physically or through the Digital Service Providers (i.e., Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc).

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