Caleb Caudle: Crushed Coins By Joshua Wallace.

Crushed Coins is Caleb Caudle’s follow up to the decidedly country 2016 album Carolina Ghost.  This new record keeps the country influence but the songs offer more Americana and folk flair this time around for a more varied sound.  That doesn’t mean this record is out there or misses the mark.  It is still very country.  It’s just obvious that Caleb Caudle is open to taking a song to whatever direction it needs to go in and that helps create an amazing soundscape around his smooth southern voice.

One of the singles to come out before the record was “Love That’s Wild”.  This song keeps the country influences with some amazing pedal steel work by Brett Resnick, but it also has a smooth Americana vibe to it.  It’s a great passionately written love song that will stick with you.  I’m also a fan of the track “Headlights” which showcases more of that Americana and folk vibe.  This song echoes the central message of the album of looking for a ray of hope in a dark place.  

Another favorite track that reinforces the album’s theme is “Madelyn” which features Joshua Hedley on the fiddle.  This is one of the stronger country tracks of the album and Joshua Hedley kills it on the fiddle here.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, “Stack Of Tomorrows” showcases the driving rock sound of Americana with a flair of country in some great pedal steel work on the track.

Caleb Caudle’s Crushed Coins is a strong effort for an artist who is trying to step out of his comfort zone.  I look forward to more albums with this new direction in his sound.  I hope that he can continue to be open to letting the songs take the sound where they need to go.  That seems to be working well on this record.  Caleb Caudle’s Crushed Coins album is out everywhere on Friday, February 23rd, 2018.

Favorite Tracks : Lost Without You, Headlights, Love That’s Wild, Stack Of Tomorrows, Madelyn

Caleb Caudle – Crushed Coins (2018)

  1. Lost Without You

  2. N.Y.C. In The Rain

  3. Headlights

  4. Empty Arms

  5. Love That’s Wild

  6. Crushed Coins

  7. Way You Outta Be Seen

  8. Stack Of Tomorrows

  9. Madelyn

  10. Six Feet From The Flowers

  11. Until It’s Over

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