By Joshua Wallace

Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols have recently signed with indie roots label Rusty Knuckles Music and have released their debut for the label called Forgive.  Whether you’re a fan of Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols or just hearing about them, you will find something to enjoy in this album. It’s a good traditional country album with something for everyone.  Here is a bit of what to expect from this record.

The album kicks off with a track called “Barnburner” which opens the album with a lone guitar riff before going into a song about stealing a lawman’s wife and the troubles that can come of it.  This track has a very western feel to it and I’m digging it. Another favorite is the track “Snakeskin Boots Boogie” which starts off with some nice harmonica soloing in a track about the mistreatment of a good pair of boots.  This song has some awesome getting down all over it from harmonica to the guitar work. It’s a boogie for sure.

Another hot track is “Last Call” which features some great bluesey guitar work.  It’s a great story track about a lover who is tired of waiting for his woman to come home from the bars.  It’s a bit of a role reversal from the typical version of this track which usually features the woman waiting around for the man.

Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols have turned in a great guitar album in Forgive.  The album is full of tracks with great guitar work and good songwriting. If you’re a fan of either, I highly recommend picking this record up or streaming it on your favorite streaming service.  I hope to catch Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols live sometime as they have come through my area here in South Georgia before. Forgive was released on Rusty Knuckles Music on November 16th, 2018. 

Favorite Tracks : Barnburner, Ain’t A Dog, Snakeskin Boots Boogie, Last Call,  Regret, The Twister

Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols – Forgive (2018)

  1. Barnburner
  2. Homeward Bound
  3. Ain’t A Dog
  4. The Decision
  5. Snakeskin Boots Boogie
  6. Get Thee Behind Me
  7. Last Call
  8. Life’s A Bitch
  9. Regret
  10. The Widower
  11. The Twister
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