By Joshua Wallace

The Steel Woods have come back with the follow up to their stellar 2019 album Old News.  However, it’s no longer old news that this band kills it every time they release a new record and All Of Your Stones is no different.  This album does release on a bit of a sad note as it is the final record that will feature Jason Cope on guitar following his untimely passing earlier this year.  Jason Cope was not only the lead guitar player for this band, but a founding member and he was a lot of the drive behind their creative process.  The band will carry on though and Tyler Powers is a great successor for Jason on lead guitar, but it is a heavy loss going forward.  The band saw this record as a major release for them before Jason’s passing and now it serves as an honor to his memory and a foundation for the band moving forward without him.

The album kicks off with a tune written by Jason Cope as an autobiographical song called “Out Of The Blue”.  It’s a song about overcoming demons and coming “out of the blue”.  I dig how it starts off slow and builds to a headbanging guitar solo before going back to a slower pace for the finale.  Another favorite is the acoustic “Ole Pal” which is written like one friend writing to another and keeping him up on everything that has been happening “since you’ve been gone”.  It’s a touching track that leans more to the country side of The Steel Woods sound.  “I Need You” is a great cover of the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd song.  It’s a live show favorite and it’s nice to have it on record here.  Ashley Monroe is a nice feature on the track and only ads to an already great tune.

“Run On Ahead” is a song that I’m sure has a totally different meaning for the band since Jason Cope’s passing this year.  It’s a great song that anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one can relate to.  Finally, the album ends with what I think is one of The Steel Woods best songs in “All Of Your Stones”.  It’s a great song and I can easily hear it being a sing-a-long at live shows with bigger crowds.  That main riff is also just addicting and it makes you want to put that song on repeat.

This is another great record for The Steel Woods and further solidifies them as a cornerstone band in modern southern rock music.  While this record will forever be thought of as the last record with Jason Cope as their original guitar player and founding father, it shouldn’t be overlooked as the crowning achievement that it is.  It’s a great southern rock record and I highly recommend giving this one a listen.  All Of Your Stones is out everywhere as of May 14th, 2021.  Check out the band’s website for more info on tour dates and to pick up some merch.

Favorite Tracks : Ole Pal, I Need You, Run On Ahead, Aiming For You, All Of Your Stones

The Steel Woods – All Of Your Stones (2021)

  1. Intro
  2. Out Of The Blue
  3. You’re Cold
  4. You Never Came Home
  5. Ole Pal
  6. I Need You (ft. Ashley Monroe)
  7. Run On Ahead
  8. Baby Slow Down
  9. Aiming For You
  10. All Of Your Stones
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