William Elliott Whitmore I’m With You

The foot-stompin’ Iowa singer/songwriter/banjoist/guitarist/folk hero/punk rock preacher’s brilliant new album I’m With You, his first collection of original material in five years, is out now on digital, CD, and vinyl LP (including limited edition marbled grass green). Get it HERE.

I have been an avid fan of this man’s music since the 2009 “Animals In The Dark” album, and it is one of the 50 albums that culminated my LOVE and PASSION for Roots Music, (or whatever you call underground music ). As I was going through my divorce, I found solace in music that came in many forms.

I found it mostly on MySpace and Bandcamp. I finally got to see him at Muddy Roots one year, and was just mesmerized by his emotions up there. I could not take my eyes off his movements, as he sat there and plugged away at his songs.

One of the songs that spoke to me the most here was “Solar Flare” WOW. At my age of 52 I have lost all of my childhood friends to death. We partied pretty hard, and I lost one to suicide, and three to car accidents. Funerals are hard on us all, and this song makes you stop and appreciate EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of life. You aren’t guaranteed one more second on Earth, and I’m VERY satisfied with my life here.

The songs on this album were masterfully crafted by a man I consider to be a Legend of Roots Music. The ONLY complaint I have is the album is only 9 songs long , and a short 33 minutes long. I waited 2 years for new music from him, and although this album was well worth my wait..I crave more.

Some of the song subjects were all over the grid, and didn’t exactly compliment one another, but THAT IS NOT ALWAYS BAD. Especially with this man and his music. “Black Iowa Dirt” was a good song, and was the closing song on the album.



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