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All week long, I pop in my ear buds and listen to music or podcasts at work. I came across this one earlier last month, and I finally got the time to catch  up on this one. I listened to the Margo Price episode as well as the Fionna Prine one and the one with Courtney Marie Andrews.

There is no music involved here, just interviews with these people. However anytime I find something like this, with so much talking, it is a staple opportunity to learn all kinds of information.

If you are someone like me, finding anything that is a wealth of information is a goldmine! Just trust me on this one .

We are so thrilled to premiere this first episode of Harmonics’ Americana April series. We recently had the privilege of speaking with Fiona Prine, President of Nashville’s Oh Boy Records, and wife and former manager of the late great songwriter John Prine.

It’s difficult to put Fiona into words – as a well-respected figure in the Nashville community, she’s a role model in the music business, as an activist, in fostering community, and in her loving spirit. The way she’s brought light to those around her throughout a year of her own unimaginable grief is beyond inspiring. And amongst this grief, she has still been able to beautifully keep the spirit of John’s incredible legacy alive a year after his passing.

Fiona and Beth talk about John’s recent posthumous Grammy wins (and Fiona’s experience accepting the award on his behalf) as well as the two’s love story, mental health and growing up in Ireland, her work with non-profit Thistle Farms, and so much more.

[Listen to this episode of Harmonics featuring Fiona Prine here]

We’re so excited to premiere a month of Americana for our BGS followers! Host Beth Behrs has vulnerable, one-of-a-kind conversations with Fiona Prine, Margo Price, and Courtney Marie Andrews – coming your way April 2021.

[Listen to our brand new interview with Fiona Prine, as well as previous episodes with Americana artists like Jewel, Brandi Carlile, Allison Russell, and more.]

Margo Price talks with Beth on songwriting, motherhood, having her heroes as mentors (see: hanging out with Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris) and so much more.

[Premiering April 20 – Subscribe to Harmonics so you don’t miss it!]

Songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews has just released Old Monarch, a beautiful collection of poetry, and her very first of its kind. Beth’s own deep love of poetry makes for a perfect pair in this episode.

[Premiering April 27 – Subscribe to Harmonics so you don’t miss it!]

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We kicked off Season 2 of Harmonics with the incredible, four-time Grammy-nominated folk singer-songwriter, Jewel, who joined us on Harmonics for an insightful conversation about her experience with mindfulness throughout her life as a response to anxiety.


In this episode from Season 1, Brandi Carlile talks about performing the album Blue for Joni Mitchell, the joy and connection of live music, anxiety, and singing with Dolly Parton at the Newport Folk Festival.


Allison Russell (one half of acclaimed roots music duo Birds of Chicago and a member of Americana supergroup Our Native Daughters) talks the healing power of music and artistic community, the history of the banjo, the intersectionality of the honest conversations currently being had in our culture, and much more.


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