A few weeks ago before a Jesse Keith Whitley show at The Spillway Bar And Grill
I got to see a GREAT band open for him called John King And The Mud River Revival.
They are a five piece Country Rock band from Morgantown Ky area.
John King, Jason Simpson, Mike Bulle, Cole Porter and Dean Collier make up the lineup.

They opened their set with “Hold On” and all of their songs were
originals if I remember Correctly.
“Long Gone” was another really good song they did however I missed some
of their set because I was still setting up my little station there.

“Veteran” was a very well written song and to my opinion the best
song they had in their catalog. I think pretty much anyone who has
served can relate to this song.
And those that havent can relate because we DO THANK our veterans.

Another few songs that I noticed they did were “Hard Candy” and “My Son”.
But “Nowhere Ky” was a damn fine song that I enjoyed alot.
I liked the fact they were playing so many original songs, I’m NOT the type that
likes to go and hear cover songs. I like to study and analyze other
original songs.

“Blame Me For The Bad” was an alright song and they closed their set with
“Work Horse”.
All in All I liked this band and I would go see them again soon.
I hope they continue to grow and play out more so I can support them.

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