Ahh the ever popular myths and assumptions that the general public has about the music business, and how those all night parties and debauchery are  a nightly occurrence. I mean, we all know that being a musician isn’t really a job, right? Right. All they do is roll around the United States snorting coke and devouring catered food and jack daniels whiskey.

I been following these bands I cover on here for over twelve years now, and I can readily tell you that this life isn’t made for everyone, hence the name of these videos. Her band takes us on a first hand tour of what life is like on the other side of the stage, even though it does not show the extremely dark side of the loneliness it entails.

I always try my best to stay out of the way during these events if I am ever backstage for any length of time,  so as not to be a burden on anyone.  There are so many people running around before and after the show, doing their job to make sure the show goes well.

I think more of the mainstream artists and the local artists need to showcase both sides of how life is like while touring and performing all over the world. From so many different perspectives and levels of the music business, someone needs to release videos of the actual paperwork side of the music business.

I’m one of those people that has had the opportunity to have seen some of the contracts and some of the ways the business handles things, and I’m extremely glad I don’t have to live the life like they do.  I am extremely content with just being a website hobby journalist ( and I use that term loosely in regards to myself ), and just having a “fan of music blog”.

This article was once again updated on July 30th, as she and her band have consistently released some additional videos, showing many aspects of the business that we as fans don’t really think of. It is a really good tool for a novice road musician to implement into their own shows.

I’m hoping in the future that they will publish a few more of these, and show more of the technicalities of the overall touring musician. Maybe she is one of your own personal favorites and you use her music to influence you in a positive way, and these videos will help enrich your own life.

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