Bo Armstrong’s full-length debut, Chasing Ballads, is both conversational and poetic, Americana with a tinge of Texas influence. Out today, the album focuses on chasing after what matters to you, whether that’s realizing lifelong dreams or finding the love you believe in.

Produced by Brian Douglas Phillips (David Ramirez, Rob Baird, Thomas Csorba) at Rattle Trap Audio in Austin, TX, Chasing Ballads follows Armstrong’s 2017 EP, Where We Are. Throughout the 11 tracks, Armstrong seamlessly transitions from love songs to declarations of his purpose and finding his own voice.

“My idea of what it means to ‘make it’ as a songwriter has changed over and over and over again,” Armstrong says about the album. “I’ve learned that—despite all the necessary collaboration—this is often a lonely pursuit. But what calms me when I’m feeling overwhelmed is the realization that such behavior isn’t unique to me; it’s not even unique to someone pursuing a career in the arts. We all experience these flurries of emotion, and we all have to find ways of coping with them. That is the very shared human experience that the storytellers I admire capture so gracefully, and it is what I aim to get better at myself in the years ahead.”

Chasing Ballads is about finding love you believe in and going after it,” he continues. “It’s about acknowledging your past and letting it motivate your future. It’s about finding the courage to live in the moment without throwing caution to the wind, and learning that so little in life can be accomplished on your own, even if the road you’re on is sometimes a lonely one.”


“The album’s eleven tracks develop an inviting sense of intimacy by reflecting on life’s small moments, while its subdued instrumentation lets the songwriting truly shine, putting the focus on the lyrics and Armstrong’s soulful delivery.”

– Raised Rowdy


“Meet Me in Memphis” offers a rollicking start to the album, an ode to long-distance love. “Built to Last,” featuring Laurel Wright of The Young Fables, examines love that spans decades. “Where Are You, Lonesome” explores “the universal feeling of loneliness,” notes Wide Open Country. “Mama Sway” is a tried-and-true love song, written for Armstrong’s wife while watching her with their young son. “Chasing Ballads,” one of the most affecting tracks on the album, finds Armstrong digging his heels in on what he believes in and remaining true to himself. “You Know What I Look Like in the Dark” offers a rare look at what it means to really be vulnerable.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Armstrong played four years of NCAA ice hockey in upstate New York. Following graduation, he spent two years in the Mississippi Delta with Teach for America. After close to a decade in New York City, he convinced his wife in 2017 that they should move to Nashville, where he could finally give music a real shot. His songs have garnered the respect and subsequent mentorship of storied songwriters (and fellow Texans) Jack Ingram, Jon Randall, and Liz Rose.

Chasing Ballads Track Listing:

1. Meet Me in Memphis
2. Built to Last (feat. Laurel Wright)
3. Where Are You Lonesome? (feat. Taylor Stearns)
4. Wildfire
5. Wearing Out These Wings
6. Here’s Looking at You, Kid
7. Used to You (feat. Sierra Carson)
8. Mama Sway
9. Dance With Me
10. Chasing Ballads
11. You Know What I Look Like in the Dark

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