Well folks I am starting to feel like I been kicked in the private parts tonight as I am
hearing rumors of Ernest Tubb Record Shop might be closing IF WE DO NOT act
upon stopping that from happening! ONLY THE PEOPLE can prohibit this from taking place with support. Now I’m NOT one hundred percent saying it’s closing BUT the threat looms for SURE.

This is the time to act and stop “sharing stuff” on social media and start supporting this institution with financial support. YES social media is great and helping promote things with word of mouth is indeed good but the digital era and younger generation that does not spend money on records is killing yet another needed avenue.
Folks it comes down to the nitty gritty here, are you willing to let this disappear because WE CANT actually BUY MUSIC?

It is my understanding that the Midnight Jamboree is in jeopardy as well as attendance has sloped after the Opry. YOU SEE THIS is what I have been saying all along about this younger generation that the Opry managment is trying to attract…they do NOT GO to the Opry nor do they spend money on Cd’s or records like the Traditional fans do! The Roots music crowd DOES and will continue to, here is a classic example. I spoke with Whitey Morgan backstage not long ago and he told me his LIVE album SOLD OUT on vinyl almost overnight. There ARE some exceptions like my friend Cole who almost knows more about Country Music than me! And he’s YOUNGER BY FAR!

I’m NOT going to war with ANYONE or trying to badmouth anyone but I’m telling you if WE as a group DO NOT financially support this it WILL be gone and the legacy that is Ernest Tubb will be gone too. WILL YOU allow this to happen? Folks I IMPLORE YOU to NOT let this happen and besides financial support WE MUST share this legacy with our children. WE MUST imbed with them the dignity and love for Country Music that our loved ones did.

Whether you love the old Bluegrass or old Country or Gospel…it is in severe trouble and the ONLY WAY to save the record shop is to support it by BUYING the music it offers. I surely do not have to introduce the intentions
of Ernest Tubb to you my reader or the intention of this shop?…do I?

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