Country music artist, Ken Wilber, has announced the release of three singles as a gift to his fans during the holiday season, “Bread On The Table, “Freedom Song” and “I Could Get Used To You,” are all part of his upcoming compilation project. All three tunes were recorded at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville and engineered and mixed by Tony Cottrill at The DAWg Houze in Hendersonville, TN and mastered by Benny Quinn. The new releases are available on all digital music platforms for streaming and download. “Bread On The Table” is available here. “Freedom Song”is available here and “I Could Get Used To You” is available here.

The three recordings were produced and co-written by Exile’s Sonny LeMaire, who stated “Ken has taken a timely lyric and injected it with a kickin’ vocal that makes you smile and want to dance with his version of “Bread On The Table.” Co-writers were hit songwriters Shane Minor and J.P. Pennington. LeMaire added, “New York born and bred, Ken really shows his vocal range on “Freedom Song,” by taking a tune that could be in any Southern Rock band’s repertoire and made it his own!” Clay Mills and Jimmy Ritchey joined LeMaire in writing this tune. “Rearranging a number one song originally recorded by Exile penned by J.P. Pennington and myself and turning it into a reggae sing along is a trick that Ken pulls off in fun fashion! I love playing and listening to this tune over and over,” concluded LeMaire.

Ken Wilber recollects that “Freedom Song was originally recorded by Blackberry Smoke, I really liked the Southern Rock flavor to it, as I grew up listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers. I was also heavily influenced by The Charlie Daniels Band, so this was a nice way to showcase that influence. This particular song has a great groove to it, it’s one of those songs that makes you want to roll the windows down in your car and hit the gas.”

““I Could Get Used to You” is my wife Amanda’s favorite Exile song,” exclaimed Wilber!  “We knew that we wanted to cover it for this project, but we wanted to change it up a bit, so that it wasn’t a carbon copy of what they originally did. Sonny and I played around with some different stuff on this one and finally settled on a reggae feel. I’m really happy with the way that this one turned out, as it sounds totally different from the original, but is also recognizable to people who are familiar with the song.”

“A nice uptempo 90’s style barn-burner – Exile originally released “Bread On The Table” on an EP.  I really responded to the lyrics of this song, as it’s all about the struggles of the everyday working family. Right now in the midst of the pandemic, I think this song rings true more than ever. Millions of people have lost their jobs and are worrying about how they are going to feed their families and pay the rent. As much as this song is about the struggles that we all go through, it also has a positive way at talking about those struggles.”

“Ken is a pleasure to work with and I’m always excited when he travels here to Nashville. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to record and mix his projects. He’s an amazing talent, incredible versatility in his singing, songwriting and his honest enthusiasm is infectious. Ken just keeps getting better and better as an artist and entertainer which will become obvious to the listener in these new releases,” exclaimed Tony Cottrill, Lonely Dog Productions and The DAWg Houze.

All of Ken’s music is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and download on Google Play, Amazon Music and iTunes.

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