Right now I have a lengthy list of artists planning to make a comeback in 2019 that have previously been under the mainstream medias radar, but not under mine. In fact I have a list so long I could begin a series on them, but I just don’t have ample time to.

Tracey Byrd, John Anderson, Charlie Daniels, Clint Black, Travis Tritt, Darrell Worley….watch those names on here folks, because I’ll be a busy man over the holiday weekend for sure. There are a few more I have not listed on there that illI amaze you with later.

Country Music Legend Miss Tanya Tucker has announced intentions to release a brand new album this year, and an extensive tour to support said album. We already heard her re make her 1972 hit Delta Dawn that Mr Larry Collins wrote, on the new Hellbund Glory album Pinball, and at 57 we still witnessed her vocal abilities as spot on.

Now, we haven’t heard any new music from her since 2002, and in 2009 she released an album of classic covers. This past January Miss Brandi Carlile and Mr. Shooter Jennings co produced an all new album of original material entitled “While I’m Living”, to be released in fall.

Originally it was intended to be only Shooter in the pilot seat as producer, however he called Miss Brandi before production got under way. As most of you know he produced her latest album “By The Way I Forgive You”, which secured a spot on my TOP 50 list of 2018.

He called her in for the songs and the songwriting, while he handled the music portion. Miss Brandi and her partners Mr Phil and Mr. Tom Hanseroth wrote most of the songs on the album. According to Mr. Shooter, Miss Brandi handled taking care of Miss Tanya beyond his own expectations. She knelt down beside her as she layed out the vocals on every song.

Now as of this time, nobody has released any information concerning the songs. Also, no touring information has been released, however there is a large documentary being filmed about her as they recorded this project called “Delta Dawn, Then And Now The Return Of Tanya Tucker”.

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