Folks you know I have A ton of projects going this week, and I have been waiting to bring you the news of Country Roots Records direct from Muddy Roots itself. This label is going to be bringing us some terrific music in the future, however right now I want to focus on what it HAS brought us already.

Mr.Ben Jarrell has been blazing a honky tonk trail across my local area with his newly released album called “Troubled Times” which came out in March. I’m going to be catching up with Mr. Ben on Friday at the Nashville Palace as part of the Nashville Boogie that begins on Thursday.

This is what the label has to say about Mr. Ben:

Ben Jarrell reminds us of the real reasons we love country music! Born in South Alabama, Ben is now based out of Nashville, TN. His debut album, Troubled Times, recorded at Southern Ground Studios Nashville, is a fresh blend of hard-hitting Southern Rock, Outlaw Country, and Americana all topped with emotionally engaging lyrics. Ben tells the stories that everyone can relate to but very few have ever lived! You can pre-order your copy of Troubled Times at

Also, we are anxiously awaiting a third album from Pat Reedy And The Longtime Goners also on this label. He never fails to present truly good honky tonk Country music, and previous to the studio he has been on the road all over the states. Another artist that I will be featuring this weekend will be Todd Day Waits Pigpen from Missouri.

I’m almost on my way to my hotel here before the Boogie, I have one more night of work left before I nap and head that way for some music and some articles for you so YOU can witness the EPIC festival that is the Nashville Boogie.

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