One of the many artists I have been keeping a close eye on has been this young man here Mr. David Adam Byrnes. If you remember correctly he ended up on my TOP 50 OF 2020 list with his album called “Neon Town”, which was an amazing piece of work on his part.

His no nonsense traditional Country Music that he is pumping into the veins of Nashville right now, is a breath of fresh air for me and I for one am enamored to know he has signed a publishing deal. I’m hoping that he writes and co writes some songs for other artists across the board here, like many others do.

All three of the Pistol Annies and all four of the Highwomen do just that with their own songs, and many people like Miss Erin Enderlin write songs for other artists, and are vastly overlooked as songwriters. These days independent music has become such an enigma because most of them write their own songs, and record their own material on their own label. It’s amazing to me how drastically music has changed in the past 20 years.

I know that I first moved here to become a songwriter initially, however when that whole process changed and pop country came around, I didn’t write that type of song, so I pursued journalism. People like Mr. David that write for others are becoming few and far between now, and it’s becoming a forgotten art.

To be honest, as far as Country Music goes right now, it really is making a slow turnaround on the songwriter front. I do say slow because the prominent artists that are recording ( like Cody Jinks ) are slowly gaining momentum, and that is giving songwriters an opportunity to have their songs recorded like it once was.

There are a few instances like Mr. Ward Davis and Mr. Josh Morningstar that have manifested into some fantastic songs having been recorded by other artists, even ones that are more into the mainstream of music. Here is the official press release:

Nashville, TN (August 3, 2021)-With four straight #1 hit singles in Texas and his name popping up on influencer lists including Wide Open Country’s “three acts to watch in 2021,” the buzz surrounding David Adam Byrnes is as loud as a beehive farm.  Having earned a scholarship in songwriting sitting in rooms Monday

through Friday with the Nashville elite, Byrnes’ talent for the craft has earned him chart success on Billboard, a string of hit singles in his now home state of Texas, and a couple of coveted performance spots at the Key West Songwriter’s Festival.

David Ross, founder of Nashville-based Reviver Entertainment Group, has a highly respected ear for discovering the finest in songwriting talent, and signed David Adam Byrnes to an exclusive publishing deal earlier this month.

“David Adam Byrnes has proven himself a strong songwriter with depth, creativity, and an ability to bring his music all the way to #1.  I’m over the top with excitement and couldn’t be happier welcoming David into the Reviver Publishing family.
-David Ross (President of Reviver Entertainment Group)

I’m excited to start this new chapter of my life and career with a new team who truly has the same vision for my career that I do. I really love the ideas, approach, and mindset David Ross has towards the music business and how we fit into it. I’ve also always admired Clay Myers and wanted to work with him since the first time we met, so I’m excited to finally have that opportunity and learn from him and David.”  -David Adam Byrnes

I love having David Adam Byrnes as part of the Reviver Publishing team.  He is definitely one of the top neo-traditional artists and songwriters that are leading the charge with his truly American honky-tonk art form.”
–Clay Myers (Creative Consultant from Nashville Music Consultants)

About David Adam Byrnes

David Adam Byrnes left his small town in Arkansas to establish himself a mainstream songwriting force in Nashville.  Years later Byrnes made a return to his independent country music roots by making the scene in Texas with singles flying up the radio chart.  On October 2, 2020, Byrnes released his new album “Neon Town” producing four back-to-back #1 hit singles so far including “Old School.” The accompanying hilarious music video premiered on  DAB’s new single “Signs” is well on course to the top of the chart coming in at #1 this week. The album and his recent performance at the Key West Songwriter’s Festival this year brought critical acclaim from the highly regarded Saving Country Music. “Slapping you square across the face with steel, fiddle, and Telecaster guitar, David Adam Byrnes is here to answer where all the country in country music has gone.  We are not making nearly enough of a stink about David Adam Byrnes folks!  His 2020 album ‘Neon Town‘ was about the best modern traditional country you can find, and at the Key West Songwriters Fest, he accomplished more with just an acoustic guitar and microphone than most full bands could.”

About The Reviver Entertainment Group

With offices in Nashville and New Jersey, Reviver Entertainment Group is one of the country’s leading independent record label groups. Founded in 2011 by industry veteran David Ross, The Reviver Entertainment Group includes Reviver Records, Reviver Publishing, Reviver Films One, Reviver Label Services, and Reviver Legacy. The artist roster includes Ian Flanigan, Aaron Goodvin, Brian Callihan, Brooke Moriber, Blackjack Billy, veteran hit-maker and No.1 singer-songwriter David Lee Murphy, as well legacy brands including Rock and Roll and Hall of Famer (2009) Little Anthony, The Carter Family, Johnny Cash and John Carter Cash. All in all, Reviver has celebrated four top-20 hits, three top-five hits, two No.1 songs, three gold and a platinum single, along with multiple ACM and CMA Awards, all led by David’s vision. For more information, please visit For more information, please visit

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