I’m finally getting out to the Basement East, to support them and the economy. We went up to Grimey’s to support them as well, It just feels so invigorating to finally be back in the bars again covering this local music. As you may know, her latest album called Aftermath ranked very high up on my list in 2020, and she played the album in it’s entirety here tonight.

The method of social distancing here are extremely reasonable, and the staff is more than eager to help us accommodate those rules. My waitress was very nice, and checked up on us a ton of times.  The merchandise table was open by the door, however it also was limited to how many could stand in line.

What they are doing is selling one ticket for general admission, however you must buy a table of four people. Many of the artists and bands are doing two shows each night to play to as many people as the venue used to hold before the rules here.

She came out on the stage to begin the show with Thick Georgia Woman from the new album, and followed that with one of the staple songs on the album called “Perfect Girls Of Pop”. She had a tailor made blue outfit on tonight made by Cybelle Elena from here in Nashville.

She did perform “Exodus Of Venus”  from her album of the same name, as well as “El Cameno” from the Welder album, which is one of her more well known songs. However, out of all of her music, if you ask me of my own opinion Balls is my favorite album, and is vastly overlooked.

In fact if I delved into the entire matter further, I would go so far as to say she is indeed a local legend in Nashville. I really enjoyed the music she did with Mr. Boo Ray, and I think her album Balls is a vastly overlooked album in every way. She has been part of the many people that inspired me to be a Janissary of Country Music.

She is conducive to Country Music as well as other genres, because her heart is with us. She CARES about history and tradition. She plays the Opry VERY frequently, and lights up an end to a tunnel the Opry has now…when the next generation of “Grand Ladies” come forth?

A few times during the show, she enlisted the help of many of her friends to join her on a few songs. She played the song called “Daddy ( I Love You)”, bringing Miss Lillie Mae and Miss Scarlet Rische out to play fiddle and mandolin. As a father, whom has a daughter that is also an Elizabeth Cook fan, it was ever so special to see her perform this with my daughter there with me. It speaks to two generations of fans, that makes this song special.

An all star band was backing her tonight such as the very talented Mr. Andrew Lehey ( from Andrew Lehey And The Homestead), Mr. Steve Duerst, Mr. Steve Daly, and others that came out at various times.

Now mind you a LOT of these people and their work are greatly admired by me, and I ardently study their work.  Like the next name I’m about to throw at you…Miss Stephanie Lambring, whom joined her to perform “Mary The Submissive Years”. Miss Lauren Morrow and Miss Jillette Johnson and Miss Sarah Potenza, all joined her as well tonight.

“Bayonette” and the song called “These Days” were in the middle of the show, Also included in the set tonight were the songs, “Slow Pain”, “Bones” and the song called “Two Chords And A Lie”.  The song “Half Hanged Mary” is another well written poignant tale about a witch..now..it was indeed molded after a poem.

One of the greatest songs on that entire album was Stanley By God Terry. You can take in this song on a few different directions, but the descriptions are all very vivid and paint a story in your head.

The closing song she played guest starred Mr. Aaron Lee Tasjan on lead guitars, as she covered “Too Drunk To Fuck” originally cut by the Dead Kennedys in 1980. Another band and scene I grew up with was the trash and punk metal of that era. I was influenced by so many different genres as well, and I really absorbed all of her passion for history, because I too share that passion.

This entire night was a special night to celebrate the new album and she did not disappoint me in any way. I expected no less than what was brought to the table here tonight by her or the venue!


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