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Right now, we are in the middle of a period of dire and immediate need of ALL OF US that adore local music, to step up to the plate. You can be one of those couch warriors that cry out when a business closes….and they never supported it when it was open anyways.

Right now, businesses and music venues are now being allowed to re open  and host live music again. The Exit/In is one of my favorite venues in Nashville, and right now they need us more than they have in fifty years!

We go around town calling ourselves music fans, and we go around social media posting stuff to make us LOOK like the kings and queens of music fandom….but how many of us actually GO TO SHOWS, and fund what we love so ardently?

Well to answer that question….TONS OF US! It’s going to take a LONG TIME for the money we spend to start flowing again, after this last year of being closed. And that is where we are going to sadly end up loosing many of the venues. And then there will be some instances like this one, where legal turbulence is once again rearing it’s ugly head…which may result in the loss of one of our most beloved Legendary venues.

Unlike many other music websites, I try my best not to include internal business on here, for many reasons. But more often than not, it usually ends up being the case and it doesn’t end up good.

According to Mr. Chris Cobb, the owner of the club that has hosted iconic acts since 1971, the club went up for sale this past February, and was sold to AJ Capital Partners. Now, as it stands the staff at the Exit In is currently on a mission to buy the property from current owners, the real estate firm Grubb Properties.

What TRULY concerns me now about this entire debacle, is that the venue offered the asking price to the owner, and was passed up on for another offer…only the accepted offer was the same. It’s reported that this was purposely done based on a grudge held from a past campaign called “Save The Rock Block” which prevented a budget hotel development.

AJ Capital Partners specializes in renovating historic properties that are dilapidated into modern developments. It’s hard to truly come out and make a guess as to what will happen to the iconic venue, but for right now I’m going to tell you how YOU can make a HUGE difference!

 Dear Listener,

What an unprecedented year this has been with challenges we have never encountered before. Through it all, WMOT has been here for you with the priceless gift of radio, delivering the inspiring and restorative power of great music, and the comfort of friendly and knowledgeable voices.

We at WMOT are bound and determined to make our authentic music mix accessible to everyone in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, and that is one more reason WMOT is such a unique, irreplaceable community treasure, and why your vital support to keep WMOT strong is so important during our Spring Members Drive, March 22 through 28.

There is excitement in the months ahead, as we have renewed hope and dreams of the new normal. The next few months offer promise, inspiration and reconnection — these are revitalizing changes never more needed than now.

For WMOT to have stayed strong through this past year and for what lies ahead, we continue to rely on your strong support — listener donations are the most powerful part of WMOT’s funding base.

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WMOT is here for you! Please be here today for WMOT.

With gratitude for your wonderful support,

Jessie Scott

Program Director, WMOT 89.5


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