Hey everybody Gary Hayes Here. I tell you what it has been a GREAT YEAR already for me and my crew, and I cannot be omnipresent. So every once in awhile I “rent out” my website to others I deem will embellish their respective music scenes with THEIR OWN articles.

I reached out to my good friend Mr. Scott Mithun host of Hellbilly And Outlaw Radio based out of Appleton Minnesota. PLEASE GO over and give all of these pages and bands I’m about to link a like or props. AND PLEASE BUY SOME STUFF!

Friday morning I started out to Fort Collins, Co from Appleton, Mn and after about 14 hours I made it. Friday Night was the Choice City Stomp Pre Party at the The Forge publick House In Fort Collins with Grant Sabin.Great Show!

Choice City Stomp started at 2 PM Saturday June 2nd in Laporte, Co. with Joey Henry’s Dirty Sunshine Club. Joey was good as usual, and It was a great night of Music, I’d say meeting and Listening to Dusty rust was the Highlight.

Sunday June 3rd Choice City Stomp Started off with Brian Johanson who I really Liked, and Wonky Tonk was another one that blew my mind. Choice City was a great experience. I also went over to Cloverlick Banjo Shop Sunday in Fort Collins as Singer/Songwriters took turns on stage.


Jimmy Richter does a great job with Choice City as Does his staff and everyone involved. I took Monday off and went up to Denver, Co on Tuesday to see Larry And His Flask and Acousta Noir at Globe Hall. Never seen either of these bands I was really impressed. I woke up early Wednesday and headed for Pondstock in Trenton, Ne it was about a 4 hour trip.

After getting the camper set up I headed another 2 hours to Kearney, Ne to a place called Gillie’swhere jimmy Swope, Jaw Knee Vee and Alex culbreth were playing. Always great seeing Jimmy! It was a great show and I finally got to meet Jared Olson who does shows out of his shop called J-Rod’s Rock Shop In Kearney. J-Rod also is in a few bands (J-Rod’s String Band) is one of them.

After the show I got back to Trenton to find out a Heavy Rain came through as I tried to get into Pondstock I about got stuck, so I went back to Trenton and slept in my Van in the Parking Lot that night. The Next Day Thursday June 7th I waited til it dried up a little and was able to make it in. Thursday started off at 7:30 with a Local band consisting of Vic Giron on Stand Up called Country Rebels which is always good.

I missed the last two sets of Thursday as Alcohol was a factor. Friday June 8th started at 4:20 with Randall Conrad Orlinger and ended with WhiskeyDick. It was a great day of music. Whiskeydick is one of my Favorite Bands!

Diakaiju was a very interesting band especially when they start shit on fire, even the top of their tour van. Saturday June 9th Pondstock started at Noon with Mr. Smith and ended with Grown Ass Man Band. Saturday was also a great day even though it got a little hot. the breeze helped a little though. Vic Giron does a great job as Usual, his  staff is always great, the Hedke’s are the best of people, Big Joe does a great Job with the Mowing and grounds.

Mark Lemons took great Photos and I met a lot of Facebook friends for the first time (Michelle Tschetter, Jared Mcpherson, Matt Wells, Mark Lemons, Big Joe, the Hedke’s, Matthew James, Alex Delor and Jimmy Richter).

I also got to see a lot of familar faces like Elaine Homes, Derek Weaver, Brooke Blanche and a bunch I’m probably forgetting. I got to hang out and make friends with a lot of band Members which was fun. My hat goes off to Choice City Stomp and Pondstock. From the festivals themselves to what it takes behind the scene the year before to make it Happen, If yo see Vic Giron, Jimmy Richter, Elaine Homes or Jared Olson (J-Rod) giive them a pat on the back for what they do! You gave me Memories that will last a Lifetime!
Thanks to All, Scott Mithun

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