I’m STILL catching up on my year end lists and all of the emails that entails. I have SO MUCH TO DO in the winter months before festival season, that I’m always several months behind on jobs. I pulled this one day weekend job in October 2019 where I was invited to Heart In Hands Critter’s Hollow Ranch And Rescue in McMinville Tennessee for some music and food and fun for a GREAT CAUSE.

Originally, I had anticipated to celebrate my daughter’s birthday party that day as well, but things didn’t work out on her end. I still took the opportunity to run over there, and see some friends I haven’t seen in many years. It was really a blessed day to catch up with them and see everyone, and listen to some killer music.

I’m going to post a bunch of GREAT pictures, and talk about the bands involved..many of the songs I might not have wrote down or remembered but I have a bunch of great information from this event that I did. This was a VERY FUN family type event on Miss Latricia’s family property, where animals run amuck and bonds are created between friends.

They have a yearly fund raiser to raise money that enables them to take care of all of these animals that they adopt out for people. There was food that we all were eating all day, and they had camping for those that wanted to drink or just camp and have fun. This was a single day event, but it did go on into the early evening. The ranch itself was beautiful and not too far from my home on the Tn-Ky state line, in fact it was so close I was scolding myself for not going up there sooner.

Heart in Hand, Critters Hollow Ranch & Rescue is a 501c non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing unwanted pets (dogs, cats, horses and other farm animals) and finding suitable forever homes for them. Our mission is that our organization ensures each animal under our care is spayed or neutered to help with the over population of unwanted animals, is up to date on vaccinations, is tested and treated for heartworms, and begins training in basic commands. We screen eligible applicants for each adoptee and match them up with families best suited for their energy, temperament, and abilities. We operate solely on donations, sponsors and volunteers! 100% of all donations are used directly for the care of our rescues. Our donations determine our capacity and we ALWAYS want to rescue more! Please consider donating today!

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