One of the 275 yearly festivals we feature here on this website is Hinterland out there in Iowa. We update these festival articles on a regular basis, and we enjoy sharing these festival lineups with all of you.

This festival is one of the ones I cover that started in 2015, and hasn’t been one of the more powerhouse festivals until now. This year however, I think that they are going to have one hell of a record year of attendees. They are pretty much keeping their lineup from last year, and ( like all of them ) are honoring last year’s tickets.

Available Now

Camping Passes
3-Day Bronze/General Tent – $35
3-Day RV Bronze – $250
Parking Passes
3-Day General – $25

Campfire just got hotter

Orville Peck will play an additional set at the Campfire Stage on Saturday, August 7. Paul Cauthen will join him for part of the set for some The Unrighteous Brothers songs and more!

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