Initially I didn’t expect to go out tonight, because I have a LOT of doctor appointments and nerve shots to deal with this winter. I’m getting ready for deer hunting and some other things I enjoy like football games, and I need to manage my Rheumatoid Arthritis to do those things. You know how the doctor games hit your wallet, and I STILL manage to get out and support LIVE music.

A LOT of people ask me  “Gary, WHO do YOU think is the next BIG THING in local music?” Well, I’m going to elaborate on that answer for a few moments on this article. I have TWO answers to that quandary for you, my dear readers, after pondering over several factors, I did indeed come up with TWO.

The two I THINK will become the next big things are Mr. Ian Noe and also the Dead South both of whom released KILLER albums in 2019. I’m going to sit here behind my keyboard and rave about these two until well into next year when I hear some more good ones, but just because I temporarily omit them from a current rotation does NOT MEAN SHIT!

One of the MANY reasons I came down here to the Exit In to see this fantastic show. Another reason is the outstanding staff the Exit In has, their security staff and their door staff, as well as the entire bar staff need to be APPLAUDED right here on this website. One of the stage security people introduced himself to me as Mike, and was worried about my camera bag, and let me keep it low behind a speaker. They ALL make sure we have a SAFE no bullshit show that WE ALL can feel secure going to and anybody that gets out of hand drunk gets tossed out!

The title of  Mr. Jeremy Ivey’s 2019 debut album is called “The Dream And The Dreamer” and it is out now on ANTI Records. His band is called The Extraterrestrials, and I shall be delving into this band further in the upcoming months for darn sure, I PROMISE you that!

There is an all around different genre vibe on this album here, and to be honest I couldn’t refer to tons of artists he actually sounds like. I hate to be one of those people that don’t have any idea what to call it, and just lump it into “Americana”..IT’S JUST GOOD MUSIC! If you MADE ME call it something I suppose Alt-Country could be implemented here….but IT’S JUST GOOD MUSIC!

I mean you hear influences like Mr. Bob Dylan and others, but he maintains a distinct style of his own with rough references to political beliefs and his own upbringing in his songs. The first song called “Story Of A Fish” has a really hopping folk vibe to it, and could be enjoyed by fans of so many genres it is pretty much endless. He has spent a lot of time in the background as a member of many bands like Buffalo Clover, where he met his wife Miss Margo Price, who produced his debut album here.

Included in his set tonight was a song called “Ombrophobia” which is a common anxiety disorder found in kids and is basically a fear of rain. “White Shadow” was next, however the FIRST SONG that GRABBED ME was the title song on the album here “The Dream And The Dreamer”. I’m adopted as well, and spent a lot of time finding my real parents and my real place I came from in life. I had many feelings of struggle and swimming upstream like he refers to as a person.

This is a powerful ballad with a tale of the intense battle in humanity and the battle inside people’s heads. These lyrics are well thought out, and the songs make you THINK. I enjoyed that about him, they make you DWELL ON THEM and really LISTEN to them on a wider scale. I really liked the line about the fear on TV that might kill us first, I hardly turn on my television for anything, and I listen to music…for reasons like that.

He played a few songs acoustic like “Someone Else’s Problem” and the song called “Falling Man”  before the rest of the band came out, as well as his wife Miss Margo Price whom her met at a younger age. He sites her as a huge influence and they are big fans of one another, you can easily ascertain the unity they have for one another BOTH onstage AND offstage the same.

“Greyhound” was next, and on the album you can hear them singing together as well. It sounded REALLY GOOD live, and is about people that live on the road. You know, until I started this website traveling I never really realized how intense and difficult life on the road was. All along those yellow lines…indeed. Some of those people have hard times keeping track of what city they are in on what day.

“Diamonds Back To Coal” is pretty much an anti- modern day man song, and was his closing song. It’s a very political song, and his entire album is the same. If you are one of those that don’t appreciate that in your music, you won’t care for this album. But I truly did appreciate his set tonight, I thought it was thought provoking and insightful.

Mr. Ian Noe has been on my radar for some time now, and is number one on my “up and coming” list of people to achieve the Tyler Childers echelon of local music. he is about to bust open wide and trickle over toward the mainstream side of things. When some of you on social media start griping about his albums being overproduced, I’ll be over here yawning and giggling.

He opened tonight with “Letter To Madeline” the great song about a holed up bank robber being surrounded, as he laments about spending the money with his baby at home. All of his songs are so intensely well written and arranged that it’s so hard to not gush on every one as a journalist. EVERY SONG paints such a vivid picture in my mind, as I listen to them.

“Promised Land’ and the mighty “Barbara’s Song” was next about the famous train wreck in 1904, when the bridge collapsed and OH MY GOD the descriptions of what was going on with his lyrics…just absolutely non grandiloquent in any fashion. He speaks with authority and dumps those vocals out upon us in wicked fashion!

“Junk Town” is a soulful jam with a smooth and soft tempo to it. EVERYBODY loves “Irene (Ravin’ Bomb)” that the entire audience has created a sing along to this song…hmm..kind of when Childers says FIRE IN THE HOLE or a David Allan Coe crowd yells LET ME LET ME LET ME…this following has also created a nifty niche for him here. It just intensifies my saying that he HAS that connection with his crowd  few today possess, especially for his age and time out onstage. To have that power this early, he will be unable to stop in 10 years.

My favorite song “Meth Head” was next followed by his own version of “Rollin In My Sweet Baby’s Arms” and “Dead On The River” about bodies found in the river. “If Today Doesn’t Do Me In” was on the list along with “Canyon Falls Bound” and “Between The Country”

He closed with a song called “Strip Job Blues” and “P.O.W. Blues”. This was by far one of his best shows I got to see so far with a full band. This man is moving up in the world on a grand scale, and you can remember I said that NOW because in a few years when everybody else is ACTING LIKE THEY DID I’ll shove this article up their asses. Mr. Ian’s band was Mr. Erin Nelson on drums, Mr. Steve Daly on guitars, and Mr. Michael Zimmerman on the bass guitar tonight.

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