Folks you most likely have already heard this on several other websites or
from Jayke or the others themselves but I’ll write it up anyways.

Early tonight while at work it went VIRAL that Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band
announced their last show will be at the Muddy Roots Music Festival pre show.
Just as the present day lineup of Liz Sloan, Jared McGovern, Jayke Orvis, and James Hunnicutt,
and Joe Perezz first appeared on Muddy Roots Music Europe Festival in 2012.
They will perform their final show in 2014 at the pre party.

I’m quite certain this will be an emotional event and I hope I can make it.
I’m still not one hundred percent sure if I can or not.

Liz Sloan and Jarred McGovern will be doing their Urban Pioneers music,
and I’m sure James Hunnicutt will pursue his solo act.
Mr. Jayke said he was going home to focus on his songwriting and gardening
and family life.

Tried to share this earlier and I screwed it up………

In a few hours we will not only start our European Tour, we will begin the end of an era.

Its true my friends, this summer will be the last official tour of the Broken Band
as you know it today.

Everyone has their own projects going on, we’ve hit it hard since day one, and we feel
like the right thing to do is go out with a giant bang instead of a sad love tap.

James will be continuing to do his solo material and Jared & Liz will be moving forward
with the Urban Pioneers. I plan on doing a solo tour in the fall with my friend Austin Lucas
and a few other fine songwriters, and then taking some time off at home to focus on writing,
cooking, gardening, being a Dad, and starting a new chapter in this blur Ive come to know as “life”

I can say it won’t be the end of the Broken Band but it will be the end of this amazing
lineup of stellar musicians and some of the closest friends I’ve ever had. With love for
each other, and love for all of you, we’ve reached curtain call and bid you farewell.

That being said….

We kick things off tonight at the Bacchus Cafe in Geel, Belgium with the Freeborn Brothers
and James Hunnicutt. Our European leg will be ending at Muddy Roots Europe on the weeken
d of June 20th. We then embark on a state side run to The Farmageddon Records Music Festival
. Our Final show will be held at the Official Muddy Roots for the Pre-Party at the June Bug Ranch
on Thursday August 28th. Be sure to check the website for all the dates. Www.broken-band.com

So if you’re on the fence about attending any of the shows near you, maybe this will get you off the
couch and into the club.

From all of us in the Broken Band, we love you and (hopefully) we will see you at one of the final shows.

I’ll have to be honest when I say that Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band are the best at
what they do in the roots music genre.
When the first album “It’s All Been Said” came out in 2010 it was evident that Jayke was for real,
but when “Bless This Mess” came out with Liz Sloan on it the fiddle REALLY added to the band.
Jayke formerly the mandolin player for .357 String Band really grew artistically after the first
album in my opinion.

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