Folks I’m here at Spillway once again for some really terrific food.
I was invited out to cover a band I spoke of recently and featured them
in an article as well.

This is John King And The Mud River Revival and they are local here in Bowling Green. If you click on the name link you’ll learn more about the band.
This was one of their first shows and I had quite a good time with them and my friends.

They opened their set with a song called “hold on”, and then played my personal favorite song they play called “nowhere Kentucky”. Then they played a new song called “Cabin on the Mountain” and their forthcoming album will be called “Right the wrongs” when they announce a release date I will announce it.

They played a song called ‘It Ain’t Right” and they played a bluesy type song called “Long Gone”. Honestly I would truly like to see them once as a main act, and I think they would be a good fit within a festival lineup of sorts. Now last time they played The Spillway opening for Jessie Keith Whitley they played a truly wonderful song thanking veterans that was called “Veteran”. They once again played that song this evening and got a pretty good response from us.

“Hard Candy” and another song called “My Son” were others I remembered from the last time. I can honestly tell they have put forth a lot of work into their set, they are getting better. They look more comfortable and work well together I hope they keep the lineup.

Their new song called “Man On The Mountain” was a truly good upbeat song. I hope that one is on their album because it was a good song. They covered one song and it was a John Prine song from his first album called “Muhlenberg County”. They closed their set with two really rocking tunes called “Blame Me For The Bad” and the last song was “Drag The Green River”.
It truly was indeed a good time that was had by all…

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