“Here To Tell The Tale” is the 3rd studio album from Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones. This eleven track, ALL ORIGINAL ALBUM

will be released on June 25th!

You can now pre-order CDs/Vinyl/Tshirts (and much more) including a signed Gretsch guitar, a private home or virtual concert from the band, or even a guitar lesson from our wizard “Shreddie” Eddie Rion!


If you’d just like a digital download of the album, you can also get that HERE

Right now, I wanted to deviate a little off my regular path to feature some Rockabilly, and Miss Lara has been a friend for a few  years through their music. I LOVE ME some Rockabilly when I am in the mood. When I received this album I expected nothing less from them.

They have certainly ventured out into different echelons of music in their past offerings, and this album truly branches off into a different direction. I am eager to see them hopefully be included on festival lineups.

The very first song on here is “Let’s Go!” (which is on video below) which is an upbeat intro song about life in the fast lane. I mean, Rockabilly is all about going fast and all in!  As a man who also deems he has no time to waste, this song spoke to me on a few levels.

“Here To Tell The Tale” contains some mighty fine guitar solos, combined with a signature tone that solidifies this album as their finest offering yet.  At a nice length of 11 songs, it is a solid addition to your music collection.

The song “Some Advice” is a swinging good toe tapper that compliments the album quite well. It pretty much deals with the crud we call adulthood, just general things like “pay your bills on time”. All of the dreadful things you try your hardest to teach your kids.

You have a spaghetti western theme opener on song called ‘Running In Circles”, that just about any of us can relate to in the adult world. We all run around like chickens to live paycheck to paycheck, asking ourselves “Will I ever get that done?” If you are a self proclaimed procrastinator, this song will speak to you.

Friends, I am in active sobriety and no longer drink or take pills. But I love those drinking songs, and the Rootsy sound of the closing song called “Drink Toy Your Health”.  I enjoyed the song’s tempo and style, and how it rings true with me as a person.

Do you want a sneak peek?! We released the first single, “Let’s Go”! Last week! You can stream or download it NOW!


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