Welcome to my NEW series which is designed to help YOU find local talent
in YOUR area!
Now I see TONS of Country Music websites “analyzing” pop country and
why it’s ruining real country, but they don’t actually DO A damn thing
about it!
They are not OUT THERE researching the nooks and crannies of
America and FINDING SOLUTIONS to the old problem…mainstream music
90 percent sucks!
You know what folks? I got better things to do with MY time than analyze
something I dislike…let me help YOU learn how YOU can support YOUR
community and local acts.

You know when we think of Country Music we often think the “Mother Church”
started it, and the Opry is the staple of it all..the epicenter of it’s heart.
But dear friends there ARE OTHER Oprys ALL OVER AMERICA where you can go
every weekend and see REALLY GOOD talent for an honest price.
IN NO WAY am I slamming the Grande Ole Opry or telling you NOT to go!
Ohhh no no I myself try to go once a month. I mean WHO doesn’t love Charley Pride?

Deep within the Land Between The Lakes region of Benton Kentucky near
Draffenville you will find the Kentucky Opry.
It’s run by Clay Campbelland Barbie Campbell and let me tell you these fine folks
praise God EVERY CHANCE they get! Sometimes that has a lot to do with Traditonal
Country music, and I was very impressed the times I visited with them.
It has been a few months since I have had the time to go but It is on my list again soon.

One of the members that I loved enjoying play was Steve Helm.
Steve Helm was forever changed as a youngster when he first heard a steel guitar.
From that moment on he know he would play the steel guitar. Steve also enjoys playing the Dobro.
He has been playing music for twenty years. Steve has been a member of the Kentucky Opry since 1991.
Steve resides in Metropolis, IL. Steve enjoys computers and programming.
For a complete list of members you can click HERE.

They have SO MANY exciting upcoming events (Sorry folks Gene Watson is sold out)
but they have a talent search and Stars Of Tommorrow.
And tribute shows to MANY of your favorite Country Music Legends like Dolly Parton.

Physical Address: We are located 5 Miles South of Kentucky Dam on Hwy 641 in Draffenville.
(That is 3 miles north of Benton KY on hwy 641)
Our US Mailing Address:
The Kentucky Opry
88 Chilton Lane
Benton, KY 42025
Phone: 1-270-527-3869
Toll Free: 1-888-459-8704
Fax: 270-527-6553

You need to go down there and check them out as they now celebrate 25 years
I KNOW you’ll have a great time and enjoy some really awesome music from
some REAL Kentucky folks.

And they have their Search For The Stars program every spring where YOU
can go showcase YOUR talents for the public to enjoy.
I have heard some really exciting things from people that have gone to enjoy
this protion of the show.

Every Christmas holiday is REALLY HUGE for this area and for the Kentucky Opry
in general. They go all-out and have a HUGE gala affair out there with
all the lights and special things going on.

Folks these two really do a WHOLE lot for their community
and THAT is what local music is ALL about.
Friendships and fellowships and accepting one another no matter WHAT
they believe and love…as long as it’s REAL and it’s country!

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