Each week this great video series features a guest host that plays some of THEIR favorite artists, all streamed from their homes. Every Sunday night a new episode will broadcast and grant viewers the ability to call in and ask the artists questions during the duration of the episode.

Here lately I have been watching a LOT of podcasts and videos from homes, and studying on a long list of artists and bands to add t our lists. This year has pretty much been a bust for festivals and small venue shows, solely relying on live streams and podcasts to enjoy music.

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Learn more about Sunday’s live stream at www.luckreunion.com/hellowalls and keep checking in for more from Luck and Amazon Music Present including our upcoming mini-series “Prime Cuts”: a real-time, interactive cooking event. Stay tuned, more information headed your way soon.

Last week I joined on the broadcast hosted by Mr. Chris Shiflett, that included Midland, Miss Brandy Clark, Miss Molly Tuttle, Mr. Patterson Hood ( From The Drive By Truckers) , Mr. Hayes Carll and Brian Fallon.

Watch Luck and Amazon Music Present: Hello Walls Episode 4 hosted by Chris Shiflett (of the foo fighters) from LuckReunion on www.twitch.tv

Episode 3 was hosted by John Paul White. Guests include Mr. Tom Colicchio, Miss Molly Tuttle Miss Rosanne Cash, Mr. Billy Reid and The Sklar Brothers.

Watch Luck Presents: Hello Walls Episode 3 – Curated by John Paul White from LuckReunion on www.twitch.tv

Episode 2 was hosted by Mr. Langhorn Slim, and it contained Mr. Billy Strings, Mr. Jonny Fritz, Skyway Man, Miss Katie Pruitt and Mr. Louis Michott ( from the Lost Bayou Ramblers).

You’re listening to Chris Isaak. Stay tuned for tunes from host of the week John McCauley of Deer Tick, Thayer Sarrano, Amythyst Kiah, Alec K. Redfearn and more.

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