Heart of Texas Recording Artist Amber Digby is at Cherry Ridge Recording Studios In Floresville, Texas, today starting a new album being produced by Country Music Legend Tommy Detamore. Mr. Tommy has benefited many Country artists I love and regard as future legends, especially the younger ones like her. I’m REALLY excited to see what this young lady has to bring us in the future, and it’s one of the TOP records on my list of 2020 up comers.

Mr. Tommy has also played steel guitar on many albums for artists like Miss Sunny Sweeney, and many others I could list on here. In my opinion Country Music has three integral pillars of it’s very foundation, The songwriters, the producers and the steel guitarists.

This will be a very special project for Amber and her first new album in over six years. It will contain duets with some legendary figures in Country Music, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic to let you in on what I know right now! It appears to be a duet album including the likes of Mr. Moe Bandy and Mr. Johnny Rodriguez. The full duet album will contain Mr. Willie Nelson, Miss Jeannie C. Riley, Mr. Johnny Bush and Miss Loretta.

“I’m plugging away at the music again” Amber Digby said. “We are heading to the studio to lay down rhythm tracks for a new record that I know ya’ll will love. I should’ve done this 10 years ago, but you know how that goes. This project is near and dear to me, because it is a duet project with some of my biggest influences in country music. Every single person on this record is a friend, a cheerleader, a mentor. These are some of my heroes. From Nashville to Texas, money can’t buy what I have learned and still learn from these wonderful artists.

1. Texas Dance Hall Girl
Jerry Naill
2. You Go Around
Johnny Rodriguez
3. It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
Loretta Lynn
4. I’m Hangin’ Around
The Whites
5.  Today Is Not the Day
Jeannie Seely
6. It Should Be Easier Now
Willie Nelson
7. I’ll Warm by the Flame
Johnny Bush
8. The Heart He Kicks Around
Jeannie C. Riley
9. Take Back It’s Over
Larry Gatlin
10. Soft Lights and Country Music
Moe Bandy
11. Under These Conditions
Vince Gill
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