Ashley McBryde

The album, produced by Eric Church and Miranda Lambert collaborator Mr. Jay Joyce features a couple of recently unveiled tracks: McBryde and Jeremy Spillman co-write “Martha Divine” and McBryde, Shane McAnally and Nicolette Hayford’s “One Night Standards”.

She has this album locked and loaded in the barrel on the horizon of the Grammy Awards, where she is nominated for two awards for her second album “Girl Going Nowhere”. We shall find out tonight if she wins anything or not, I’m kind of excited about this awards show here folks because a TON of people I like are in it to win it.
Last year in Atlanta, Mr. Joshua and I covered her set in Atlanta at Mercedes Benz Stadium as she was part of the opening program for George Strait. You can read all about that right HERE We had a wonderful time out there in Atlanta with her and the others.
Even though she really isn’t embraced completely by mainstream people or the mainstream media, her management still continues to cling on to the belief that she may indeed one day be. Now, people like me secretly have the belief that more people will hopefully become more in tune with better forms of Country Music. THAT IS one of the great struggles of the rampant influx of crappy pop country music that perverts FM radio. Her and Mr. Jon Pardi are two of the front runners of this close Country borderline problem.

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“The significance behind the album title comes from the lyrics in the title track: ‘I Didn’t, I Don’t and I Never Will’,” McBryde says in a press release. “Before we recorded it with Jay [Joyce] in the studio, I said to my band mates, ‘If we’re going to cut this and put it on the record, you’re promising anyone who ever listens to our music, we don’t listen to the noise in the background. We didn’t, we don’t and we never will. Don’t cut it unless you’re willing to promise it.’ And we cut it right then.”

Ashley Mcbyrde - Martha Divine Video Still

Ashley McBryde - Never Will Album Art

Never Will Track Listing:

1. “Hang In There Girl” (McBryde, Jeremy Bussey)
2. “One Night Standards” (McBryde, McAnally, Hayford)
3. “Shut Up Sheila” (Hayford, Charles Chisholm)
4. “First Thing I Reach For” (McBryde, Randall Clay, Mick Holland)
5. “Voodoo Doll” (McBryde, Hayford, Brandy Clark, Connie Harrington, Jake Mitchell, Aaron Raitiere)
6. “Sparrow” (McBryde, Hayford, Clark, Harrington, Mitchell, Raitiere)
7. “Martha Divine” (McBryde, Spillman)
8. “Velvet Red” (McBryde, Patrick Savage, Daniel Smalley)
9. “Stone” (McBryde Hayford)
10. “Never Will” (McBryde, Chris Harris, Blue Foley, Matt Helmkamp, Christian Sancho, Victor Quinn Hill)
11. “Styrofoam” (Clay)

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