2021 is going to be a huge and amazing year for the ladies on album releases, sweeping the ACM awards and more. We are at a point where the Opry needs to induct a new crop of “Grand Ladies Of The Opry”, and this young lady needs to be a part of this movement.

Three years after her last album “Sparrow”, she tells the media that this album will be self released. She has finished her label deal with Nashville based Warner Records.

This album will include her new single called “Drive” , which go into more types of sound than her last album did and it culminates into a different journey than we have become accustomed to with her. From what I have heard, we have 10 new sad songs to enjoy here.

Rosegold track list:

  1. “Siren”
  2. “Silk”
  3. “Gold”
  4. “See”
  5. “Drive”
  6. “Flying”
  7. “Groove”
  8. “‘Til It Breaks”
  9. “I Mean It”
  10. “The New Me”

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