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I like to read…a lot. I like to read about my musical influences and their lives. The fact that this book is not exactly an autobiography or a memoir really intrigues me. What is it about then? I mean WHAT EXACTLY is this going to be about I asked myself? So in my own true fashion of satisfying how ardently I study this stuff I went on a rabbit hole about this book.
Reading an article from Rolling Stone, I learned that it will address the was certain profound experiences of her life have led her to creating her songs in the past. However she clearly made many statements that this book will also include her struggles growing up and having to move so often.
She touched upon her dealing with issues like special education classes and how she felt so out of place in so many new schools and environments. She will address her past addictions and her perspective on her own music. Sleepless tours funded by next to no funds at all on one end of the spectrum, to her impoverished childhood in a dysfunctional family fill this book with her life lessons and wit.
You can also look for a new album in 2021 as she and her band came to Nashville to record and finish her follow up to her 2018 release ( which I LOVED ). But to be honest I hold her work with her female Country Music supergroup the Highwomen as some of the greatest songs and performances in the last decade.
She co produced my personal pick of 2019 the new Tanya Tucker album, which blew my ever loving mind and escalated her into being one of the greatest modern day heroines of Country Music. She is knocking it out of the park here people…and she has no plans to stop any time soon!

The critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, producer, and five-time Grammy winner opens up about a life shaped by music in this candid, heartfelt, and intimate story.

Brandi Carlile was born into a musically gifted, impoverished family on the outskirts of Seattle and grew up in a constant state of change, moving from house to house, trailer to trailer, fourteen times in as many years. Though imperfect in every way, her dysfunctional childhood was as strange as it was beautiful, and as difficult as it was nurturing.

In Broken Horses, Brandi Carlile takes readers through the events of her life that shaped her very raw art—from her start at a local singing competition where she performed Elton John’s “Honky Cat” in a bedazzled white polyester suit, to her first break opening for Dave Matthews Band, to many sleepless tours over fifteen years and six studio albums, all while raising two children with her wife, Catherine Shepherd. This hard-won success led her to collaborations with personal heroes like Elton John, Dolly Parton, Mavis Staples, Pearl Jam, Tanya Tucker, and Joni Mitchell, as well as her peers in the supergroup The Highwomen, and ultimately to the Grammy stage, where she converted millions of viewers into instant fans.

Evocative and piercingly honest, Broken Horses is at once an examination of faith through the eyes of a person rejected by the church’s basic tenets and a meditation on the moments and lyrics that have shaped the life of a creative mind, a brilliant artist, and a genuine empath on a mission to give back.

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