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We cover so many types of music here on the website, and I get so overloaded with news stories, and my other job that it’s impossible to touch on everything I want to on a timely basis. Hell, I’ll admit that even Mr. Joshua reviews albums I miss out on, and forget to check out until the last minute.
Mr. Scott H Biram is a Legend of Roots Music ( or whatever you consider him to be ), and his “Graveyard Shift” album from 2006 is a classic album for me. Most of you know my personal backstory, and my divorce story from 2007 when music saved my life. I discovered him by browsing MySpace, and since Bloodshot Records heavily inspired my love of underground music, I loved many of these artists we have today ten years ago!
This from the press release:

Fever Dreams, the 12th album from Central Texas singer/songwriter/guitarist/foot-stomper/harmonica player/preacher/hellraiser Scott H. Biram, AKA The Dirty Old One Man Band, is a fervent yet intimate collection of blues, classic country, and rock-n-roll sealed with punk, heavy metal, and frankly, whatever the hell Biram wants. As the man himself told us, “You’re gonna want to pop open a cold tallboy for this one.”

Honestly laying down his bare soul at the people’s feet once again in a way that very few can, this record dips and sways, as always, in true Biram fashion, with tales of hard, homesick traveling, lost love, over indulgence, spiritual rejoice, and, of course, some tributes to some of his favorite music pioneers.

This album contains another Legend to me Mr. Jesse Dayton, who’s album “The South Austin Sessions” was another album that culminated into what makes me do what I do here.  “Single Again” was the more Honky Tonk song they did together on this album, and it was a DAMN GOOD ONE!

“Drunk Like Me” was one of the stripped down gritty guitar songs that he is most known for, as a one man band. Truth is, he never needed any big huge band to present what he has to the world. He is THE ORIGINAL bad ass blues man!

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