NASHVILLE, TENN. – (October 14, 2019) – Seasoned music artist Jimmy Bowen was recently recognized by the National Traditional Country Music Association and inducted into the Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame for his significant contributions of preservation, promotion and performance of traditional Country music locally, nationally and internationally at a ceremony during the 44th Annual Old Time Country Music Festival held in Fremont, Nebraska on October 5.“The 44th Annual Old Time Country Music Festival in Fremont, Nebraska was such an amazing event! Thanks to the NYCMA, Bob and Sheila Everhart, and especially the National Traditional Country Music Association for keeping the traditional sounds of country music going strong,” stated Jimmy Bowen. “It is such an honor to be included alongside so many of our industry’s greatest artists from the Carter Family, Loretta Lynn, Jeannie Seely, Gail Davies, Jeannie C. Riley, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, Grandpa and Ramona Jones to Roy Acuff.”

Jimmy Bowen has been creating music for more than three decades and, thankfully, has even bigger plans for the future. His new single, “Blood Red Moon,” was co-written written by Sonny LeMaire, Liz Hengber and Tommy Lee James. The new music is available for streaming and download on all online digital platforms here.

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About America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame:
What began in 1976 as a means to honor significant contributors to America’s rural musical art forms on a local basis has over the years progressed into a National forum to honor all those in the United States (and sometimes internationally) those that have made significant contributions to what we now call old-time country music to distinguish it from modern country.  Our musical genre is a huge umbrella, and of course includes all the early old-time styles ‘mountain music; ragtime; hillbilly; rustic country music; bluegrass; folk; Cajun; honky-tonk; Americana; rural music; gospel; shaped note singing; western; country blues; cowboy music; and all of the elements that make up what we call ‘old-time’ music and ‘old-time’ dance.
It was decided early on that the only way into the Hall of Fame is to be nominated by someone already inducted.  In this way the large number of deserving individuals and groups could be controlled. At the same time this would be a source of eligible participants, provided by those that have the most knowledge and ability to select the most deserving.  The awards and inductions are done at the annual national festival hosed by the National Traditional Country Music Association. Individuals or groups that come for the honors are not required to perform, that is not the purpose of the awards.  Talented nominees certainly are welcome to perform if they so desire to do so. Once the award is announced, and given, it is ‘official’ when the audience gives the recipient a standing ovation of appreciation for their contributions to the music we all love, cherish and save.  Each recipient is requested to provide photographs, bios, and something important from their musical career to place on display in the Pioneer Music Museum where the Hall of Fame is located. The collection over the last 45 years is huge. All items placed with the Hall of Fame become the sole property of the Hall of Fame.  It fills an entire building in Anita, Iowa, and we are seeking ways and means to expand. That requires money. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, all donations are totally tax deductible. Help us save the precious cultural legacy left to us by our settlers, homesteaders, and rural folks of the upper Midwest. Make all donations out to NTCMA, P. O. Box 492, Anita, Iowa, 50020  Do it today, we need your help. All of the Hall of Fame inductees are on display in the Pioneer Music Museum in Anita, Iowa. (please see information about the museum at the end of Hall of Fame info.

About Jimmy Bowen:
In an age when it seems that technology has taken the place of talent, it is both reassuring and refreshing to see a seasoned artist who continues to have a stronghold in the music industry. Jimmy Bowen has been creating music for more than three decades and, thankfully, has even bigger plans for the future. Bowen’s impressive tenure in Bluegrass music includes eight years with Charlie Waller and the Country Gentlemen and more than four years with David Parmley and Continental Divide.  While traveling with these renowned groups, Bowen also earned multiple awards. These include IBMA Song of the Year “Waltz of the Angels,” with Charlie Waller and the Country Gentlemen, IBMA Album of the Year for Souvenirs with Charlie Waller and the Country Gentlemen and IBMA Emerging Artist of the Year with David Parmley and Continental Divide. Another creative outlet for Bowen is his pursuit of acting and he has been cast for various series, dramas, and commercials all while working with some of the biggest names in television. On the horizon for this hard-working artist is a music television show. “Creating my own ‘show’ has always been a dream of mine,” said Bowen, “and I’m doing it online so that everyone in the world can access it.” More details on this project coming soon. Stay current with Jimmy Bowen on his website jimmybowen.com/.

Jimmy Bowen

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