Mainstream media outlets just want you to THINK artists who made REAL COUNTRY hits on the charts in the 80’s and early 90’s are GONE. Yeah, I KNOW what you are thinking what about Garth Brooks and Shania? Well, a lot of the wishy washy names are still mentioned by mainstream outlets I suppose.

But HOW ABOUT one of MY FAVORITES Mr. Mark Chesnutt, What’s he up to?Well I’m GLAD YOU ASKED. Let’s take a gander on what his camp is reporting to Gary Hayes Country, shall we?

You can now pre-order the brand new Mark Chesnutt – Christmas EP! The new EP contains 5 songs including: “Light Of The World”, “What Child Is This”, “Pretty Paper”, “New Kid In Town”, & “Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy”! Each EP comes with a signed Mark Chesnutt Christmas Card! Great package for Christmas gifts for your friends and family! You can purchase by clicking the link below!


This is the latest release from him which includes eleven of the songs that have greatly influenced him in his youth. As we all know Mr. Mark has upheld the tradition of Country Music for many years, and has faced severe backlash from mainstream radio and media because of this.
Much like people like LeeAnn Womack, and a few others he has been pushed out of ‘Country” like the George Strait song says. Trust me folks THIS MAN is still rolling on strong and gracing the stage with his many number one hits.
Track Listing:
1. Lost in the Feeling
2. You Can’t Do Me This Way
3. Rollin’ With The Flow
4. Walk Through This World With Me
5. Apartment #9
6. Dreaming My Dreams With You
7. Heart Over Mind (Live)
8. Sunday Morning Coming Down
9. Would These Arms Be In Your Way
10. Lost Highway
11. Swinging Doors (Live)

This package includes the autographed album and autographed book! Trust me folks THIS BOOK is TERRIFIC, and brings a special perspective on his early life as he paid his dues in southeast Texas.

He dropped out of school at 17 and his father began to take him to Nashville to record songs. He played in the house band for a local bar in Beaumont called Cutters. As he slowly gathered a loyal fan base the rest was history…and BOOKS are important pieces of something THIS website cherishes….history.

Track Listing:
1. Welcome Fool
2. The Price Of Getting High
3. Heartache County
4. Since I Drank My Way To Houston
5. Rodeo Cowboys
6. Country Girl
7. Running Out Of Ways To Say I Love You
8. Let’s Make A Memory One More Time
9. Full Blooded Texan
10. Heaven On My Mind

Bonus Tracks

11. Girls Like Her, Men Like Me
12. Moanin The Blues
13. Ol’ Country “Original Version”
14. Too Cold At Home “Original Version”

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