Just recently, I did a bunch of studying on this subject and came up with names like Mr. Rodney Crowell who played bass for Mr. Guy Clark before relinquishing his duties to Mr. Steve Earle in 1974. It’s amazing to me how this music scene is a big puzzle that all pieces together. Kind of like Miss Emmylou Harris had Mr. Sam Bush play for her at one time.

Last month the first single called “Dublin Blues” was released from the upcoming sixteen track album that pays homage to his late mentor Mr. Guy Clark. March 29th this album will be available on New West Records, “Guy” was produced by Earle and recorded by his longtime production partner Mr. Ray Kennedy. The project also includes the participation of fellow Guy Clark disciples and cohorts including Crowell, MissEmmylou Harris ( see how that pans out), Mr. Terry Allen, Mr. Jerry Jeff Walker, harmonica Legend Mr. Mickey Raphael, the GREAT Mr. Shawn Camp, Mr. Verlon Thompson, Mr. Gary Nicholson, and photographer Mr. Jim McGuire.

Even though it comes a full decade later, “Guy” is the natural follow-up to Earle’s Grammy-winning LP “Townes,” a tribute to his other chief songwriting mentor, Mr.Townes Van Zandt. Van Zandt died in 1997 while Clark succumbed to lymphoma in 2016. Earle previously appeared on the 2011 Grammy-nominated Clark tribute album, This One’s for Him.

2. L.A. Freeway
3. Texas 1947
4. Desperados Waiting For A Train
5. Rita Ballou
6. The Ballad Of Laverne And Captain Flint
7. The Randall Knife
8. Anyhow I Love You
9. That Old Time Feeling
10. Heartbroke
11. The Last Gunfighter Ballad
12. Out In The Parking Lot
13. She Ain’t Going Nowhere
14. Sis Draper
15. New Cut Road
16. Old Friends

Tour Dates

JAN 11 • City Winery • Boston, MA
JAN 14 • City Winery • Chicago, IL
JAN 15 • City Winery • Chicago, IL
JAN 17 • City Winery • Nashville, TN
JAN 18 • 30A Songwriters Festival • Santa Rosa Beach, FL
JAN 20 • City Winery • Atlanta, GA
JAN 22 • Sellersville Theater • Sellersville, PA
JAN 23 • City Winery • Boston, MA
JAN 24 • City Winery • New York, NY
JAN 25 • City Winery • Washington, DC
JAN 27 – FEB 1 • Outlaw Country Cruise • Tampa, FL
FEB 10 • City Winery • Boston, MA
FEB 11 • City Winery • New York, NY
FEB 12 • City Winery • Washington, DC
FEB 13 • City Winery • Washington, DC
FEB 15 • City Winery • Atlanta, GA
FEB 16 • City Winery • Nashville, TN
FEB 19 • Liberty Hall • Lawrence, KS
FEB 21 • The Kessler Theater • Dallas, TX
FEB 22 • The Heights Theater • Houston, TX
FEB 25 • City Winery • Chicago, IL
FEB 26 • City Winery • Chicago, IL
MAR 2 • Hangar Theatre • Ithaca, NY
JUL 18 • The KEE to Bala • Bala, Canada
JUL 19 • Kemptville Live Music Festival • Kemptville, Canada
SEP 3 – 6 • Camp Copperhead • Big Indian, NY
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