Join me, as once again I go up to West Virginia to the V Club for my yearly trip to celebrate the OLD SOUL RADIO SHOW with me. Now for those of you that still do not know what that is let me tell you all about it. It is a podcast that began many years ago in Dingess West Virginia, by a young man who started his radio show in his living room!

I began reporting on his radio from the day he reached out to me to write up a report on his first year anniversary with Mr. Tyler Childers in his living room couch. I often visit his bar out there in West Virginia to listen to records and see his family sooooooo….owwww.

Well Hell, here she is! Do me a solid, don’t post no spoilers in the comments here. Let’s let em have some fun and find er out through a listening’. I’m so proud of this show. I’m beyond blessed to be able to do what I do. Enjoy, and thank ya friends! 5/11 is gonna be a hoot! 😉

‪Episode 237: The 6 Year Anniversary Show Lineup Announcement. With all of this being said instead of just getting on here and finding out the lineup, he want ed me to have you listen to the radio show and find out. HERE is where you can go listen to the podcast that introduces the bands involved.

Hey folks much like all my other article how about I share with you MY go to hotels for this event? I always enjoy posting all of my hotels that provide GREAT service and good breakfast, and GREAT places to eat too. You can damn sure bet I enjoy my road travels. So here are a few nice ones north and south of Huntington.

South of it off 64 you have The Days Inn Ashland

12700 State Route 180 Ashland Ky 41102 call them at 606 928-3600

North in Ohio I stayed here last year Comfort Suites 349

2940 Country Road 144 South Point Ohio 45680 call them at 740 894-1700


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