The rain finally stopped earlier Sunday evening, which was good cause Stage 1
was where I planted myself for almost the rest of the evening before going home
to Kentucky. I really should have gotten my room one more night, next year I will
honestly do that for sure.

Well I knew at this time I had my choice to finish off the night at Stage 1
with the Goddamn Gallows or Stage 2 with Hooten Hollers.
Well considering I can tell you Avery got slammed into a table on fire
you can tell which option I choose.

Rachel Brooke is always a good bet at this festival and last year she absolutely tore it up.
So this year I also decided I would NOT MISS her set…and miss it I didn’t.

She opened her set with “every Night About This Time” which is off her album
“A Killer’s Dream”. It’s actually a cover by I think Fats Domino, I’m not really sure
about what year or whom originally did it and I plan to research this soon.

“Meet Me By The Apple Tree” and “Fox In A Henhouse” are two I have heard her
play before a lot and I enjoy them every time I hear them from her.
She really brought her A Game set as she always does to Muddy Roots.

She bought up Rachel Kate for “Late Night Lover”. Now Rachel Kate I got to see her
set Tuesday night at Live True Vintage Muddy Roots after party.
I don’t know a whole lot about her and I got two pages of notes on her set
but didnt know any of the song titles.
I’ll do my best to bring you coverage on her in the future.

A more uptempo couple of songs followed their duet as she played
“I’m Lonesome For You (Ashes To Ashes) and a great old Bluegrass Tune called
“The Old Home Place”.
I was visiting with some people and I missed a few of the songs after this.
I’m pretty sure one of them was “In The Barnyard” which is a murder ballad
and the “Mystery Of Death” which is on the Muddy Roots sampler compilation
album. I really enjoy that album a lot.

She closed out her set with “You Don’t hear Me Cryin” and “Killer’s Dream”.
And to be honest I really enjoyed her set and will always try my best to
catch her set.

Joseph Huber man what can I say about him I haven’t already?
I call his music “feel good music” cause when I feel like shit his albums always
cheer me up..just the tempo and lyrics.
He’s got a song on his new album “The Hanging Road” called “Wanchese And Manteo” that
really paints a great picture in my mind. Great history piece to research.

“Same River Twice” and “Tongues Of Fire” were his set openers.
I never thought he could beat ‘Tongues Of Fire” as an album..but I was
WAY wrong!

“Shovel On Your Shoulder” was a good choice for his set it’s the opening song
on his new album.

‘Coming Down From you” wasn’t one of my more favorite songs he does
but “Old Mountain Tune” is! I like it cause of the melody it’s really cool
like I said it’s feel good music.
Most of his songs are really well written, he has a very special placement
ability with his words.

You know with roots music..or with ANY music really nowadays you cannot tell them
apart! The voices aren’t special and they don’t stand out apart from the rest.
Joseph Huber does, you can hear him and pick him out of a pile of voices.

“Hanging Road” was next and a song that I can really identify with on a personal
level “Hello Milwaukee” was his closing song along with “Dance Around The Daggers”.

Now by the way in case your’e wondering about pictures my camera started to
act up by this time. It might have been wet hell I don’t know really.
Everything was wet and it was REALLY hard to keep all these notes dry.
I had three books of notes by now!

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