We are the oldest non-profit Bluegrass Association in the United States according to the Library of Congress and The Smithsonian. SFBA hasn’t missed a monthly Bluegrass festival in over 40 years! While SFBA is focused on Bluegrass and Old Time Mountain Music, we have also been a valuable member of the community helping many other nonprofit organizations reach their goals.

Volunteers like yourself, members and member bands staff our events. The first Sunday of each month, SFBA holds a Bluegrass festival at Greynolds Park in North Miami Beach. In 2013, we produced our 35th consecutive internationally recognized Everglades Bluegrass Festival. Many “Bluegrass Legends”, emerging artists and members of “The Grand Ole Opry” have performed on our stage. For over 40 years we have brought acts such as Bill Monroe, Osborne Brothers, Jim & Jesse and Blue Highway to perform in South Florida.

Along with promoting our musical heritage, SFBA has had a large part in supporting local communities and projects. Wings Over Miami, Old Davie School House, Fairchild Gardens, City of Dania Beach are just a few of the more resent partners we have assisted. Along with community projects, SFBA supports music in schools. In 2012 South Florida Bluegrass Association started the “Bluegrass in Schools” program. SFBA sends a band to a local elementary school and they play music, teach the kids about Bluegrass and show them how to sing a traditional song. The students and their families are then invited to perform at the Everglades Bluegrass Festival with the band. We have had such a positive feedback from this program that we are looking into expanding the program to more schools. With such a need for positive culture in our communities and good clean family entertainment, South Florida Bluegrass Association provides the area with an outlet.

South Florida Bluegrass Association is providing music and culture now and into the future. With an ever changing board and growing volunteer pool, there is always a way you can get involved! Being an organization built by the people for the people, we are always looking for new ways to make a difference. We use a grassroots method of promoting the music we love and helping the community at the same time.

That’s a piece from their website folks over at The South Florida Bluegrass Association presents the Everglades Bluegrass Festival in it’s 40th annual run this year on March 2-4rth at Greynolds Park in North Miami Beach Florida.

That poster there will tell you  all about camping and tickets which you can purchase by clicking HERE and the prices are there as well. Just like every edition of these articles I shall include a full list of bands names and all nearby hotel info. We got maps, videos and other goodies for all you festival patrons of this event.

Flatt Lonesome
Junior Sisk And Rambler’s Choice
Trinity River Band
The Lilly Mountaineers
Carolina Express
The new River Boys
Pine Island Express
Alligator Alley

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