One of my best Muddy Roots crowd buddies that I have is Mr. Dylan Dorrell (O’l Double D), the Kansas flag waiving fun loving man from the Kansas City area turns 40 this year. This little bender type festival began a while back as a party in a friends basement. Today, thanks to help from many venues and bands it has turned into a big deal within the Roots Music crowd.

11 years ago I threw a house party for my 30th birthday. Someone called it a Bender…Dylan’s Big Birthday Bender Blowout Bash was born. 10 years, 4 house parties, 1 BBQ, 3 states, 5 bars, gallons of booze, and hours of hangovers bring us to year 7 in a row in beautiful Kansas City, MO
2 NIGHTS AND ONE FULL DAY OF MUSIC for only $20. that;s right $20.
Many thanks to Travis and the Westport Saloon and Michelle at Davey’s for always being so generous and helping make this event happen.

This event gets lumped in with my festival series every year, however it’s a lot different. There is no need for me to include camping info or maps, and there are no external rules only venue common sense. So head on down there and have a blast with my buddy Mr. Dylan!

Friday, Feb 9 6PM
The Westport Saloon
County Graves
Tres Basterdos (DEBUT SHOW of the new whiskeydick/ hunnicutt project)
Rock Bottom String Band
Pat Reedy And The Longtime Goners
Ags Conolly
Tejon Street Corner Thieves
Eric Nelson

Saturday, Feb 10 6 PM
Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club
Freight Train Rabbit Killer and the Legion of Ghosts
Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy
The Four Horsemen: A Stupor Group
(Justin Wells, Adam Lee, Matt Woods, Jeff Shepherd)
Austin Stirling
Le Grand
Ghosts Of Grandad’s Past

Sunday, Feb 11 11am
The Westport Saloon
Whiskey Dick
James Hunnicutt
Soda Gardocki
Brook Blanche
Kelly Hunt
duane Mark
Tim Vee
Dusty Rust

This next list portion is a complete schedule of when the bands will play and where. As I previously said before this event needs no camping information or any of that. So I will just simply leave everything out but the music info. This is a fun yearly event that many of my friends have a wonderful time at.

Friday Feb 9
The Westport Saloon

Eric Nelson 7-7:45
Tejon Street Corner Thieves 8-8:45
Rock Bottom String Band 9-9:45
Ags Connolly 10-10:45
Pat Reedy 11-11:45
Tres Basterdos 12-12:45
County Graves 1- End

Saturday Feb 10
Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club

Ghosts of Granddad’s Past 7-7:45
Le Grand 8-8:30
The Four Horsemen 8:45-10:15
Austin Stirling 10:30-11:15
Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy 11:30-12:30
Freight Train Rabbit Killer and the Legion of Ghosts 1- End

Sunday, Feb 11
The Westport Saloon

Tim Vee 12-12:45
James Hunnicutt 1-1:45
Duane Mark 2-3
Kelly Hunt 3:15-4:15
Brook Blanche 4:30-5:30
Soda Gardocki 5:45-6:45
Dusty Rust 7-8:15
Whiskey Dick 8:30-10

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