Oh my take my money goodness, what kind of collector’s item type announcement did Sunny Sweeney just make? Not to mention…how many copies will they make? Let’s dwell on her back catalogue of music for a while to allow me to reflect upon just why I love this album so much. This album in my opinion was her finest one to date, and I am in no way taking credit for her later albums at all.

Sunny Sweeney is one of them people that I found after my divorce back in 2007, when I was using music to heal. I had always taken a liking to underground music, and I was delving deeply into the Red Dirt history. Texas traditional music was another genre I was really getting into as well, and of course Hank III was going strong!

Her first album played a huge part in helping me heal as a person, and as my own life played out in my everyday doings, her life played out through her music, and through her albums. Just as I went through my ups and downs, I got to take part in all of hers as well.

Her second album garnered some mainstream attention with the song she wrote with Bob DiPiero called “From A Table Away”, and at that time I kind of thought she was going to go the mainstream route ( kind of like Lainey Wilson is doing now ). But then her next album came out and BAM she went full on into the underground ( I believe now it’s called Americana ) with her 2014 album “Provoked”.

I tell you this my dear friends….this album is by far my favorite one she has ever made. First of all I loved it because of the point she was in her life. At that time I related to it well, I was healed up and living again. Second of all, the songs were clever and rowdy, like the song she wrote with Angaleena Presely called “You Don’t Know Your Husband”. Additionally, this album contained so many of my songwriting heroes, I spun it 10 times before processing the overall main focus of the album.

So, now for the 10th anniversary of this album she is offering this amazing vniyl splatter, and all kinds of bells and whistles that this package contains. This double LP set will contain all of the songs re done acoustically ( with upright bass and drums ), and two news songs!

I still believe today that her passionate involvement of the Opry, she should have been inducted as a member a while ago. I have often said many times that I firmly believe she will carry the torch that is missing now, left behind by many of the old legends.

My website here is nowhere near as big as some of those fake fly by night ones that get more attention than mine, but I have known Sunny for quite a few years. I always go out of my way to tell her how much her music means to me, and I have always felt like she was trying to connect with me as an individual.

No Sunny, I’m not still taking them pills……Thank God.

Where does time go? How has 10 years gone by since we released our “Provoked” album? I have learned a LOT in the last ten years…doing this whole thing all independent…no help. No tour support…just a small band and small crew making country music that we hope people will wanna hear.
🚨🚨So, here we are announcing the PRESALE of “Still Provoked” a DOUBLE LP with reimagined versions of all the original songs PLUS TWO NEW never before heard songs….
Make note…these ship in AUGUST for the anniversary month, but we are selling now cause we are literally only making a few copies of the LP so they will be gone before you know it. And when they’re gone, they’re gone. Make sure to get one with a bundle … click link in bio. ON SALE NOW. Click here :

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